How many hours have you spent in training mode?


Thought it would be an interesting to get an idea of how long the average SRK member actually trains in training mode. I myself so far have spent at least 23 hours in training mode, at the end of my MVC3 playthrough I had 56 hours offline.


not enough.

not nearly enough.


I lost count.


As of now something like 15-20 hrs!




The game (more or less) counts for you.


A lot, probably 20-30. With every team I think of, I spend a ton of time trying to optimize and figure out how all the characters help each other…only problem is I play so much training mode that I miss offline events xD


I play arcade mode instead, so I can feel better about myself while I beat computers at the lowest difficulty setting.


Last time I checked it was at around 16, I’ll check again once my PS3 is done with the 4.00 update. I was at like 65 with Vanilla, and I only got Vanilla in mid-July. :slight_smile:


So much this…

~30 hours. And my execution still hasn’t gotten any better =/


I know that feel, bro.

Well… I actually have learned a lot with dante and sentinel but my dante still isn’t ready. Lack of a good mid-screen bnb that actually does damage.


If you can do those fancy fancy use every single one of Dante’s specials and stinger teleports in a single BnB I consider your execution very good. if your a Dante who does ABCS -> BBC, Flaming Wheel, Guitar, Million Dollars then you need to expand your BnB.


I do this:

Except without the extension from doom.


Then your execution is good lol. Get outta heah.


The problem is actually get a hit while not getting hit to do the combos :frowning:

Plus my doom is still mediocre.


The story of all fighting games.


Alot… And Im still not done


I’m averaging about 2 hours a day now.


In Ultimate, I’m at just over 16 hours of offline play, which is pretty much all training mode. Little over 4 hours of online play.

In Vanilla, I had well over 200 hours of offline play. I’m a training mode freak, but that comes from starting as a Smash player.


Thats my minimum for training each day. Sometimes I play the entire day.