How many invinsible frames does her LP dp have?



Does it have enough to be used as a anti air?<br>


I don’t think it will have enough…meaby pre patch,but now i don’t think so…but don’t use her dp,her HP is much better for anti air,you can combo off of it and do more damage


It has a lot of startup and is not her best option against jump-ins. I do use it against Vega/Bison and other character who are in the air a lot.<div><br></div><div>There are some exceptions like Elena or someone with a crazy jump-arc</div>


I haven’t tested it, but I’d like to know if it at least goes into the active frames so you could wake up with it and tag cancel. Anyone got any numbers?<div><br></div><div>Also it only has a 5 frame startup, like a tiger uppercut, only slower than her jabs. </div>


I think it does. A while ago I tested it with a meaty burn kick from Ogre (which has a ton of active frames), and where the mp and hp versions got beaten by it, her lp dp cut right through it. Anyway, I’ve been using it on wake up ever since, tag canceling nets you a ton of damage. I don’t think it’s throw invincible though, so be careful using it against experienced players.