How many joysticks do I need for diff version of games

I just bought a comic con SF IV joystick for the PS3, so I am hoping SFIV is on PS3 for Evo 2010

if not and even if it is, what about converters for like PS2 or x-box or stuff like that

You probably want to ask in is a pretty cool way to do it.

If I dont convert my stick, what games wil be available for Evo 2010.

I assume only PS3 games I can play for Evo, I mean would they play PS2 games on PS3 ?

No. I highly doubt they even have PS3’s with BC. Even still, I’ve heard that there are problems getting sticks to work on PS2 games running on the PS3.

Mainly the Madcatz sticks. All the Hori PS3 sticks work fine on PS2 games, and custom sticks built with Cthulhus work on PS2 games as well.

Its doubtful whether ANY old games (re:ps2) will be at evo next year, so you made the right choice. Evo is most likely gonna be all ps3 next year also, as I’m sure the few problems the system had (namely the trophy glitch for sf4) will be fixed.

The only game that might warrant a change of system is HDR cuase they’re a lot of annoying bugs in that game, but aside from the button glitch, most of the bugs haven’t been concretely proven yet.

you’re assuming that it will all be on PS3.

I hope it will but i can’t see that

Why can’t you see next years EVO being entirely on PS3? Every game that will be at EVO next year is on the PS3 platform (except 3s, but it seems like they won’t bring that to the line up next year).

In any case, there are no adapters or converters that allow the use of a PS3 controller on a PS2 console.

Evo would definitely not use PS3 backwards compatibility to run PS2 games; there are three frames of inherent and unavoidable lag in all cases. My mistake if this was already clear to everyone in this thread.

were all PS2 games played on a PS3 in this years Evo ?

To clarify, no. This year both PS2 games (SFAE 3S and GGXXAC+) were played on PS2’s. In every year past, all PS2 games have been played on PS2’s rather than PS3’s.

Expect that PS2 games will always be played on PS2’s. I guarantee you that this will never change unless Sony releases a PS3 firmware update or a new console model altogether that features lagless backwards compatibility. (This would be throwing money in a toilet for them so don’t expect this to ever happen. Ever.)

If you’re curious about adapters, skim through the first post of Tech Talk’s Converter thread.

That said, its better to wait a few months for evo to name the games for next years evo before you start talking sticks and converters. But it would be safe to have a stick for the PS2, PS3 and 360 ready. and maybe 1 adapter for PS2 stick to GC if TvC makes the cut next year (unless that gets ported to the 360 or PS3 as well…)