How many KBA's can you get in one combo?

I’ve gotten 4, but I’m guessing you can get more. Is it possible to do it forever? Just curious, so how many have you gotten before.

After the first KBA combo, quickly dash in and follow up with a (OTG) , c.hp then do your air combo of choice , hk cannon drill XX KBA. Repeat until out of meters or opponent rolls.

As I recall you can only do two OTG’s in a combo unless they are juggling you .

My bad :bluu: . I haven’t use her in awhile, but one KBA combo is enough :evil:

Heh, It is :slight_smile:

one OTG per combo, though with luck you can repeatedly juggle after the KBA instead of OTGing, but of course you need lots of luck of preferably KBA them into the corner

Does it matter, who would want to do more then 2 kba. After that it does no damage what-so-ever

I’ve done it 5 times on training just to see how far I can get. Somewhere where I was trying to the 6th in, he spun out.

It’s only one OTG a combo, if I recall, but if you land your opponent in the corner, you can juggle them, but it REALLY depends on Cammy’s mood herself, since she sort of chooses which side of the screen to slam someone down on. But my max is 7.

I have just started playing cammy. I use to play MSP but now it is Mag, storm, anc cammy. I was wondering if cammy has any infinites. Does she have a sent. infinite also?

The slam resets the OTG count. You can do it as many times as you have bars if they don’t roll. It’s dumb, though.

Well i thought that the slam one was not really an infinite. Semi-inifinite i believe.

Is there any other one’s?

For Sent.

she has one but not at sent it’s like

c.lp >c.lp> back hk> Tiger-kneed cannon drill.
To start this infinite, get them in the corner, hp air throw, do the infinite

ok yeah. all u have to do is lk, launch, lp,lp, hk cannondrill, KB.
should land in corner and then juggle w/ lp, launch. then repeat 4 to 5x and use a lk if needed somewhere in there. yes i know i love cammy

later slider

I can do three (two against Sentinel). Three will kill Iron Man, and probably just about anyone. The combo should reset around the second KBA.

The way I learned it was launcher >> j.lp j.lp HCF+K XX KBA…dash, launcher

What’s the actual best way?

the best way to do any air combo into KBA dash in lk, lk launch, hp, cannon drill KBA. there are two good resets.

  1. lk, lk, launch, lp, lk, lp, pause, hp-throw, lk, cannondrill XX KBA really fast.

  2. lk, lk, launch, lp, lk, lp, pause lp, double jump, pause lp (should end up on other side[this is where the reset/cross-up takes place]), lk, lp, lk, cannondrill, KBA



is there any vid of this ?


how is everyone doing more than two kba in a combo? because everytime i go for the third the game won’t let me launch them after the super (if they didn’t roll)

doesn’t that go for throw resets two, can’t do more than two?

well my combo is if then don’t tech the throws

short, launch, superjump throw, short, launch, super jump throw, short, launch, jab,short, cannon drill, super (kba).

second reset is optional.


with big characters only i believe:

short, short, launch, superjump, jab, short, jab, throw, jab, jab, land, jump throw, short, launch, jab, short, cannon drill, super (kba)

basic combo: (ground)

jab, short, fierce, cannon drill, super (kba), do this fast or kba won’t hit all the way.

No, you can’t.

You only get 2 slams per combo.

The only way to keep it going is by juggling in whcich case they CAN’T roll.