How many Lag Switchers Have You Fought?

I cant count the amount of times where I’m playing a scrub online and the match is ok there is still lag, but I can at least to B&B combos, BUT THEN all the sudden when I’m kicking his ass with Dudley LAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG and it freezes the game for a whole 5 seconds and most people when this happens they let go of there stick or controller, which isn’t good because when the game gets back on track it will retrace the moves you did 5 seconds ago so if you weren’t doing anything during those 5 seconds your gonna be open to free hits for that long and this has happened to me so much its one of the reasons i stopped playing ranked matches because people don’t want to play far they think that they’re points matter or something its really annoying and it pissed me off beyond belief I have lost to this so much how about you?