How many losses did it take you?

I only have online experience as far as SSFIV goes and since I am now going to main C.Viper I was curious to how many losses it took you guys to get good?

Honestly I have probably lost over 200+ matches and I still find her fun. I don’t care how long it takes I just wish I had someone locally yo play with. These guys are on a whole different level and I feel too shy/embarrassed to play at an arcade using Viper. It gives me a lot of pressure. “Oh, wolfkrone, latif, and such and such use Viper so you’re gonna use her too” is what I’m scared of them thinking of in their heads as they fuck me up :frowning:

Does anyone else feel that pressure? I feel as if I have to live up to something just to use Viper.

This isn’t a rant thread or whatever. Neither for advice really. I just want to hear your guys’ inputs towards maining such an execution heavy character, her difficultiesyou had with her, and if someone helped you out to get better (in person or online).

Thanks guys. I know your inputs in this thread will only inspire me as well as other Vipers out there.

its not about how many losses, its how many hours you put in training mode =P

Definitely man. I find myself being in training for 2 hours a day. Lol. It helps A LOT. And I watch videos for half an hour to an hour on my lunch breaks

to be honest, it took me a few months of losing…and then everything just clicked…i got out of habits of doing the same things and adjusting to how people played…and realised that she is not a full on rushdown character and i can’t just go burnkicking into everyone from the start lol

do you have PC version? we can play sometime

I picked Viper up in Vanilla, then dropped her for Sagat and Akuma after a month.
After getting a stick I mained her for two months, practicing and playing but I dropped her again.
Then I picked her up in Super and then dropped her for Guy after a week.
After two months I dropped Guy and I started to focus on getting good with Viper.

So that’s about one year gone to waste from February '09 to June '10 and I really regret that, but it was also part of me going from a scrub to a casual player to a player with competitive aspirations.

After my first tournament in October '10 I found a drive to get good, having met some other very good players. Since then I’ve been getting better. I guess it took me about a year or so to become inspired and a year later I’ve gotten somewhat adept. Not good though.

It depends on you, actually. Your drive, your willingness and your ability to learn. I learn very slowly and sometimes I gotta get really frustrated with myself and my performance to make progress.

pretty much the same exact story for me, except i went and play sagat, balrog, cammy and a few others hahaha

if I shared my win-lose ratio you’d be horrified. Nuff Said. To this day my execution is far from perfect despite many hours in training mode. It took me about 5 months of losing on execution before I felt like I was actually starting to learn strategy, “Now that I dont fudge tk cancels and seismo chains.”

For me it was an on and off cycle with her. I would want to learn her and use her, but then i realized it was too hard and gave up; this happened 9 times until i finally buckled down and learned her. In all honesty losing should not be the issue for you. As long as you use her, learn new shit with her, apply it to your game, and have fun it doesnt matter how much you lose. But as you learn more you will get better and win more so yeahh. Go into training mode and practice hp feinting all normals until you got it 1000000% of the time, thats where i started and i feel that is where you should start. then practice basic combos(st lk x2 cr mp mp tk) then work on your burn kicks. learn instant bk on their wake up itll mess with people at all levels if you apply it correctly. then learn low trajectory burn kicks. Next learn more advance combos(FFF, etc.) and then learn good block strings with frame traps, grabs, etc. once you got that combine what youve learned( combine bks with feints, example: on block do cr hp, hp feint, low trajectory bk). thats a pretty good intermediate mixup. Then learn sjc ultra and meterless fadc. All in all its not how much you lose, its how much your willing TO LOSE to get better and improve and good players will realize this and will not criticize you just cause you use viper. If they do they are not worth your time and are scum players. So keep at it and good luck.

i still lose a lot, but the mentality i have when i play casuals and online is, practice practice practice execution timing timing. if i can kill someone with a cr mp. xx mp tk, i’d rather kill them with a FFF or something. if i dizzy someone, and i can just j hk, or focus attack, i dont. i practice normal bnb into sjc ultra. well you know what i mean by now.

edit: NUFR3SPECT put it right.

MvC 3 was the first FG that I actually seriously beyond “mash buttons=win?”. MvC 3 was also where I first played Viper. I loved everything about her. The character and her playstyle just felt natural even though I constantly got destroyed online.

I then got AE around July (My MvC 3 CD cracked a week later lol…>.<) and picked up Viper as my main. My execution was still pretty shit so I actually tried other characters to see if I might find someone else to play as she was said to be hard to learn for a beginner, but no one “gelled” with me as much as Viper did. So I said fuck it, I’ll put in the work. So I worked on some BnB’s, AA, the most basic stuff.

Once I felt comfortable with all of it, I went online. For the first two weeks I got constantly destroyed. Every time, all the time. Basic stuff like teching throws and cross ups on wake up would get me all the time. Gradually, however, I started to get better. I would start getting gut instincts for when to tech throws, I could see cross ups coming based on their spacing, etc.

Fast Forward to last month (having touched SSF4 since then due to UMvC 3 and Finals :O) I’m actually winning somewhat consistently, but l lose more than win for the most part(40-35% win ration iirc). Even though I’m not very good yet, the loses actually mean something now. I have a good understanding of the game and most of Vipers tools and I manage to implent most of them mid-match and…its FUCKING awesome. Its awesome that I could barely do seismo to bk when I started but now I can do a safe jump setup>FFF>w/e. Its awesome that I can chain seismos when before I had trouble getting one siesmo. But most importantly, its awesome that I can analyze matches and identify my weaknesses know when before all I saw was “I SUCK”. Now don’t get me wrong, I still not a great player by any means, but I know what I need to work to be able to be one.

Like said earlier I’m not very good yet, so I don’t live up to Krone or Latif (not even close lol) . I still have trouble w/ sj Bk’s, I still do a lot of dumb shit in game, I still have a long way to go for me to say I am good. However, I find Viper fun so I’m not gonna let someone else’s judgement of my skills get to me. " Stop trying to be WolfKrone/Latif scrub", but like someone else from SRK said, I actually WANT to be that good. We have to start somewhere right?

I am still losing PRETTY bad when I play.

When I do win games, they aren’t really deserved ones since I feel that my opponents I win against don’t know the game any more than I do.

I plan on playing for a very long time tonight. If anyone wants to get games in lmk!

I play on Xbox.

Losses will not matter because you probably won’t get better with viper by losing a whole lot.

In fact, I would stop playing online with her untill you have successfully mastered all her moves. This includes, instant bk, seismo chain, sjc, feint. I can tell you I spent about 2 hours a day for at least 2 weeks before you can even begin to play some scrub who wants to zone you out with ryu or sagat. But once you got down her moves and learn some BnB combo’s you’ll be dominating your opponent in no time.

You’ll be able to tell when your opponent is getting frustrated during play. Viper has alot of tools to control the fight, and alot of options. Its best you train more before attempting online with her.

Funny. For me, ssfiv was my first fighting game. Ever. Never really played because I thought they were too hard. My buddy started playing Juri and eventually forced me into playing a few matches. I chose C. Viper, and never went back. Even though many told me that she was way too hard for me to be playing at first. I’m glad I kept up with her because, quite frankly, I don’t really want to main anybody else. Two years later, here I am. Keeping on with my sf addiction

I don’t think I understand your actual question. What I got was “How many losses did it take before you got the hang of the game and started winning more?”

Honestly it took me about a 1-1.5 years before I could do some pretty cool things. I played fighting games since MK3 but SF4 was the first one that I played seriously. Started up with Sagat since I love Muay Thai, but he played too much like Ryu/Ken (who I hate with a passion) so I dropped him. Picked up Viper because she seemed interesting. Couldn’t do any of her moves properly so I dropped her. Then I tried out Bison and Abel and carried them towards Super. Dropped Bison for Balrog because I could do insane combos with him and Bison just felt cheap. Haven’t looked back since (well except when I recently added Makoto).

Ugh, kinda went overboard. Basically what I’m saying is that no one automatically masters a game and finds that one character that just clicks with them. It takes some experimentation and time to understand and better yourself with that game. Losing a lot is natural. You just have to practice and in time it will become easier for you.

This, this, and this.

For a fairly long time, I didn’t really go into training mode. I played xbox live matches, in which I played the exact same way for a long time, and I really didn’t learn anything. Despite me being fairly decent for not being able to execute that much with viper, I spent maybe 2 hours a day in training mode for a good week or so, namely trying to learn FFF. Even when I did learn how to do it, I made sure I could do it 10 times in a row facing right (and then 10 times in a row facing left). If I messed up once while facing a certain way, I would start over until I reached 10, then I would try the other direction or try a variation (so for example, I might do FFF strong TK, then after I nailed it 10 times on both sides, I would try FFF EX seismo).

Don’t be discouraged if it takes you longer than that to get things down (my execution was fairly decent at this time), but I can FFF > ex seismo > [anything I want] mindlessly and consistently. I’m not saying you need to learn how to FFF right this moment, but whatever you need work on is something training mode is for (despite how obvious that might be).

On top of that, I have a friend that has been playing off and on for 2 years with Ken, and he has never been able to consistently do an FADC into ultra. In fact, he successfully performs an FADC into ultra maybe 5% of the time (probably less than that), yet he gets pissed off every time he messes it up. Guess who is at fault because they neglect to go into training mode.

tl;dr: training mode is fucking important to improve your execution, character matchup knowledge, and practically everything else. If you neglect training mode, then you’re holding yourself down.