How many losses does it take before you quit in SFIV?


I think my limit is when your down 10-0 straight,and it’s no longer a game.Each match is over in 20 secs or less.Your opponent is giving you the thumbs up signal(you give him one)while trying to hold back tears.You let the thumbs up signal stay there for a few seconds longer than usual.Then you finally turn off the system,at the same time your in shock.
That you just lost 10 striaght,now your contemplating early retirement from fighting games(usually last about 30 secs).You boot the system back up,try to save face(or pride) you send your attacker(highly skilled opponent) a “GG”.You wait for a response and you never get it,then you decide to take out your frustration out on the CPU.
When no one is looking you put the game on easiest difficulty,the only opponent that got a hit in was Seth(and that still pisses you off).Then you start surfing the net.


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To answer this question because I am bored: I don’t quit until I beat the person once soundly, like last night when we got stuck in HD Remix with some loser that liked using Akuma and stuff. Ended up perfecting him with Chunners and we left the room satisfied.

Also I never think about quitting, losing is a part of the game, you take what you can from a match and learn and adapt. I’ve never cried or thrown my controller vowing to never play another fighter again, that’s just fucking stupid. Of course I can get angry, just shut it off and do something else.

By turning off the system do you mean rage quitting and denying them a win? If so that is frowned upon here at SRK, only pussy’s do that shit.

I can’t tell if this is a troll or not, but I’ll take it regardless.


Playing online is strange to me since they are no natural breaks like you’d see in an arcade to give another person a turn, but when you get to the point where you are getting emotional over the losses, you need a break to calm down and evaluate why you are losing. If you just keep playing through the anger, you’re probably just going to get a lucky win instead of a win based on learning your mistakes, and that doesn’t represent any improvement. If all you want is to soothe your wounded ego it might help you, but it won’t make you a better player.


Attempt to play El Fuerte online…
Fail at combos and run into a ken ultra…

I’m done.


My Dictator game has been pretty tight lately so I can’t really say I’ll quit just to save face, if I know I tried my best I’ll just take the loss in stride because there’s always room for you to get better… tl;dr don’t get bummed out just because you lost as it happens to everyone


Im new here. Anyways, if I start losing a lot in SF IV and I’m not getting anywhere. I stop playing for a while till i relax and give another go at it. It seems to work that way.


I’m definetly not a troll AYO,it’s just that sometimes I feel that there is no way out.In player matches…when you know your main character is getting near perfected.When your opponent is taunting you before they combo you.
To the point where you wished that they would just give you a mercy win(jk).

edit:my bad about posting in the wrong forum

edit2:There should be an option after more than 5 matches that says “Good Game”,where it would let both parties end the game on a positive note.Without shame or hard feelings.

edit3: quit in the lobby


Wow. I don’t even…

This much crying? Really?!




when you’re playing someone and they can beat you 10-0…

that’s the guy you WANT to play against.

in that kind of situation i just hope the guy will keep playing me so i can keep learning before he gets bored and goes to play someone else.


I will play as long as I’m still learning, and not getting so angry that my mind stops processing what’s happening, and as long as my opponent doesn’t cut me off.

If you’re getting aced, you should probably be playing that guy. As long as you’re learning from your mistakes, you should keep playing, as you’ll see your matches getting closer and closer.



Except my fried, who I beat to pulp everytime I’m over there, like 30-0 just gets pissed eventually and turns it off. >_>

He just wont learn to save his damn life, I even help I do an EX Rush Punch from full screen “Alex, grab that” He jumps backa nd gets hit >_<


Its a game and as such you will lose and you will win. In fighting games/life their will always be a person that is far better than you. You can either except that or you find a person that is better than you and train until you surpass him. In Street Fighter that is the exact theme being used. examples
Ryu.Always saying that he is not good enough that he must train harder
Sagat.Training as hard as he can until he can finally defeat Ryu
Ken.Training to get better than Ryu
See a patern?

You should be training and the Cpu will only get you so far becuase the characters only have a few fighting rythms once you learn them their is no more training on Cpu. Playing with real people not online but at the local arcade go to Ranbats/Tourny play. It dosent matter where you place just learn. I quit Xlive SF4 after the 500th Ken I saw only spaming Srk or Fb like it would actually work to give em a win.


I play until I get frustrated or bored. Losing is a learning experience, if I won all my games easily I’d probably stop playing fighting games.


Video games online should definitely include options that serve as crutches for my crippling lack of people-interaction skills. I don’t like that the developers expect us to just socialize with other players normally, completely unaided, with no form of in-game assistance offered. I mean COME ON WE’RE COMPETING AGAINST THESE PEOPLE for God’s sake WHY WOULD I WANT TO TALK TO THEM!!! :mad:


Its not really about the losses for me. If I get tired or bored then I give it a break. I lose alot, but I don’t mind.

But just staring at that screen kills my eyes.


It depends.

If I’m fighting a guy who is clearly superior to me I play until HE quits. I see it as a wonderful learning opportunity and my only hope is to play as well as I can so he doesn’t get bored and leaves the lobby. This is specially true when I’m learning a character. When I started playing with Sim I sometimes had 20 game losing streaks but i didn’t mind at all.

On the other hand, if I’m losing because I’m simply not playing well, I get frustrated quickly. And the more I get frustrated, the more I lose, and so it becomes an endless loop of failure. And this is when I know I have to turn off my Xbox and do something else, because nothing good will come out from that session.


I agree, I don’t quit until I beat them to a pulp. Happened to me at the gamestop tournament back in february. Got beat by a ryu player because I kept making dumb mistakes, then he killed me by making me wake up into a fireball. That just sent me over the edge. He was polite, we exchanged GT’s, and my friend drove me home.

Got home, added him, and away we went. I swear to God it was like Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader at the end of Return Of The Jedi, where he’s just beating him helpless, and all vader can do is attempt to block. 15-0 we went, and finally he left. Guess he couldn’t take the beatdown anymore.