How Many Mouses Has @Mechwarrior Broken


…by clicking all them likes and insightfuls and LOLs?

Is he/she even human, or possible SkyNet candidate? If SkyNet, how do we stop it?

Should mouses be the acceptable plural of word used for the computer peripheral mouse, or should we all be lazy and use mice?


Probably nowhere as many mouse wheels as I’ve broken trying to avoid his posts.


the only thing proven to stop mech is jrosa. upon contact/playing him, mech will and can implode


How many beds, couches, and accessibility ramp hand rail bars has your girlfriend broken is the real question.


ib4lock, also @mechwarrior defend your honor son, nigga calling you out!


Remember, Sov is white. Choose your words accordingly.


There’s no shame mech can dish at soviet that hasn’t already fucked.


I don’t have twitter and seldom use facebook I’m pretty sure I’m safe

3, although one was only a waterbread springing a leak. I wanna try that Seinfeld Kramer sand bed idea.


skip to 2:02 nigga I aint no racist


^^ I don’t listen to rap, so I’m safe from using the dreaded N word’s. Sneaky black people even invented a second N word to try to lure innocent white people into saying one of them. Can’t fool me though. I’m not innocent.

I also don’t say “Go_ Damn” except with the letter t

edit: am I allowed to watch the Boondocks?


That went right over SoVi3ts head didnt it @Vynce‌


Doesn’t this forum punish people for random ass callout threads?


Salvia time.


Shit never warranted a thread. Soviet forgetting the GD awards is officially dead; will not receive Most Useless Threads-OTY award. Beguiled still got a stronghold on dat trophy.


SRK Drama Tier List

High Tier
Sleeping with another members girl, posting pics
Trash talking, then reneging on a money match
Wanting to fight a member “IRL”

Mid Tier
Sleeping with another member’s girl, claiming she’s a tranny, and you liked it.
Match fixing
Tirades about how SRK/srk staff is sexist, racist, full of pricks etc
Sirlin Threads where Sirlin shows up.

Low Tier
Random people calling out pro players about their sponsorships/teammates
"Ban me again, you cowards" threads
Darkside Phil Threads
Sleeping with another members girl, no pics

No…just…don’t Tier
Dick comparison threads
Random people making Youtube videos to call somebody random out.
Calling out a member over their use of the reaction buttons.


silly me for think this was about the game lol


I was wondering when one of these would show up.


This has never happened.


I have the dick size of an intellectual black Asian. :cool:


SRK members having girls? yaominglaughingface.jpg