How many new adon players will be on PSN and XBL cause of this



jesus who would of thought JWong wouldnt be top 8 no gold stick for him


lame thread go die


over 9000 :slight_smile:


i hope no one says this sort of thing with contempt, that’d be asinine

adon players are friendly right? :frowning:


I was thinking about this earlier…I say we check lol.


All I know is, its gonna be hell for all Adon mainers who mained him before Gamer bee happened this week.


Haha I asked this on the stream the second he lost.


At least I’m able to take a crap on the faces of those who worshipped (emphasis on past-tense) Justin Wong. Though the “random” ultras that Jwong threw out pretty much costed him the first match.


If gamerbee gets destroyed his first round in the finals then I don’t think that many people will hop on the jaguar bandwagon. Alot of it will also depend on how difficult he is to execute with.


wondering the same question… i predict its just gonna be an influx that will fade away with time… (just like the Guile bandwagon back-when)

but yeah expecting an increase in adon players online…


we might get a small influx, but the true Jaguar excess procreating will come if Adon wins it all.


Won’t necessarily be all bad, since some of that might stick with players who like the character and are serious about getting better with him after fooling around for a while. I know I’m going to be playing him a bit more to work on my game, I use grounded jaguar kicks very sparingly, and gamerbee was throwing them out like they were going out of style.


Uhh… Adon sucks, and that won’t change.

J. Wong lost because he’s overrated, and his Rufus is predictable beyond belief. All you gotta do is watch a couple of his tourney’s. Ex Messiah on wake up, snake strike on jump in’s, same predictable dive kick pressure that every other Rufus plays. No one ran in the Gief forums when Vangief owned Justin. That’s because people know the matchup. All these people getting excited and running in here like a bunch of idiots need to fuckin go to bed…


I bet all the other final players will hop on youtube to watch that gamerbee vs diago series.


can’t wait for the “you only play adon because j wong lost to adon” hate mail


u mad?



i bet theres gonna be tons of new adons. Currently viewing adon forum 300+ currently viewin other character’s forums 10 or below. I’d say people are gonna try him out for a week or so then just give up.


Probably gonna see more flowchart Adons online. Exactly like flowchart Ken but instead of shoryuken, it’s RISING JAGUAR.


?? Gief forum jumped up to 200 something viewers right after the match.


currently 410 ppl viewing adon