How many of one special can felicia land solo and without xf?

i’ve gotten to a point where I can’t think of combos more damaging the ones I use or have already figured out for my own team. now I am just messing around and trying to figure out how many of one special can felicia land in one combo. i’ve yet to try rolling buckler, catspike, delta kick, and etc.
as for sandsplash, I can pull off 5 with help from strange bolts as a finisher. i’m quite sure I can get 6 thanks to an additional assist.
has anyone else tried this? if so, let me know your results. if not, give it a try. also, i think it best to see how many you can get before you use meter. anything else you do, is accepted.

I can get 5 Catspikes in a single combo using Strange and Spencer.

Or 53 of them if I do the infinite in XF3 and the opponent has like 3 million health haha.

lol, i’m saddened I forgot about that infinite. i’m gonna mess around and see how many rolling bucklers or Attack+S I can do in one combo when I have time to do so.

it seems to be character specific or body type dependent, but by herself, I can get 3 rolling bucklers for felicia before opponent pops out.
in the corner:
LM.lightRB(slide) - L3M.lightRB(punch) - LMjust hear to show what you can follow up with - RBas a combo ender [landed on IronFist, Storm & X23]
LM.lightRB(slide) - LcM.lightRB(punch) - LMjust hear to show what you can follow up with - RBas a combo ender [landed on Thor]
LM.lightRB(slide) - LcM.mediumRB(punch) - LMabove - RBcombo ender [landed on Deadpool]
ima try and see how many times I can get kitty helper to hit on purpose.

so far, the most I could get kitty helper to hit was 5 times tried against deadpool,storm,thor/no assist:
in corner, kitty should be near u both the distance where she walks back and forth around felicia:
LM623Lkitty hit - M236(slide)kitty hit - jLMHSkitty hit - 623M - cH623Lkitty hit - sS.sjMHSkitty hit-kills combo
takes up 50% of the kitty meter from the first hit to the last hit