How many of you got into fighters through emulation?


Count me among them. I went for a long time without a PC, and when I finally got a PC again (around 2004) I immediately searched for Metal Slug roms and got hooked. I was curious about other SNK titles and Marvel vs Capcom. Started getting into them, then lost interest for a while. Then it was 3S that got me back into them again. Lost interest for a little while (work and shit). Then I discovered 2DF and really got back into them in a big way.

For the longest time, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t get a Joystick, and now I just got one off Ebay and waiting for it to ship.

All thanks to Emulation and the genius coders behind it.


Well, it was also always on and off for me thanks to little comp here. And me not being too sociable for a while.
GGPO with ST changed that, I was good in Tekken but my 2d play was horrible. And look at me now, I have SFIV meetings in my apartment :wgrin:


Emulation didn’t get me into fighters, but it did enable me to play many I otherwise wouldn’t have.


didnt play a pc fighter until maybe 7 years of arcades


No, arcades got me into fighters. But emulation got me back into playing games though. Since I’m not really the gamer i use to be (IE refusal to invest in consoles) and arcades are dead, I pretty much get my fix through emulation. I only really play Alpha 2 and ST. 3s is so laggy on GGPO for me.

Waiting for SFIV to come to PC.


Branh, try 2DF. Lag is non-existent for 3S on there. I too am waiting for SFIV for PC, hope to see you around when it launches.


Everyone here has childhood stories about playing SF2 world warrior at the local 7-11 until proven wrong.


Hell yeah I played world warrior. It was at a pizza place tho.


All the places around here had Champion Edition cabs every 5 feet, not many WW setups.

As for emulation, I just don’t care for it. I play PC fighters like Melty Blood and Blitzkampf but that is really it.


Yeah, I got into fighting games through emulation…

I started off trying to emulate the top players!! ba-dum PSH


I got into fighting games pretty much via emulation, well of course in my childhood there was Sega Genesis / Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 boom, but when Tekken 3 came around we already had our PC’s geared with bleem! emulator ^^. Nowadays emulators are everyday part of life for most of people I know, plus sometimes you can get online play in such games which didnt had online play by default, which is one more big plus to emulators


I’ve always been a fan of fighting games, but 6 years ago or so all that changed.One of my friends gave me a emulator(on a CD-R) when I got my first PC(I was 16 or 17 at the time) and later on I discovered Marvel vs Capcom.From that day forth, I started to play FG’s hardcore.


haahah, oh yah…



-WakuWaku7 (srsly)

And now Blitzkampf because it looks cool.


I played FGs in arcades throughout the 90s but being able to play them online w/ emulators definitely got me back into them hardcore again.


In Korea, 1996, arcades were already dying in my small southern coast town. I was forced to play WW in my room on a SNES.

Thus, why I never learned how to play Godly-Guile :frowning:

Edit: as a little kid in Korea, my favorite arcade game was Bubble Bobble. Fuck yeah, dinosaurs and bubbles.


Emulation didn’t get me into fighters in general but it did get me into King of Fighters. I literally forgot that SNK still made fighting games until like 2002 when I ran across this beastly rom site. I think it was like emu china or something. It wasn’t in English but it had all these screen caps of the flashy KOF title screens. I was like “Damn! They still make thee things?” I had a PS1 demo disc with KOF 95 or was it 96? After hating it for not being SF I deleted it from my memory banks.

That was actually my first PSX experience. After hooking up the console and playing the KOF demo my mom was like. “It looks like that man is shooting fire out of his feet.” Lmao. Good times…

But yeah…rom and all this.


i started playing kof due to svc and 2k2 getting cracked on mame64k, but i was playing fgs way befor ethen.


I got into Neo*Geo Games more from emulation.


I can’t say I got into them through emu, but it’s definitely what’s kept it alive through multiple consoles and non-console years…