How many of you use dash ultra and/or armor absorb in an actual game?



Hey all. I was wondering, I’ve recently been brushing up on the dash ultra and armor absorb, and wondering if it’s worth putting any time into. I can do the dash ultra easily but having a tad trouble with the armor absorb, but that’s besides the point. How many times do you land this online or do you land it at all? And is it a big part of Balrog’s game at a higher level? Been watching a lot of Maeda Taison and he would rape vanilla Sagat’s with this but he’s the only one I’ve seen use armor absorb in an actual vs Mago and Daigo! :open_mouth:

Anyhow, is this worth putting time into or is it just for flashiness?


For the record, I don’t play online, only live. I use both when I can, mainly against fireballers. Dash -> Ultra is an extension of the lk. RU -> Ultra used in ST, while AC xx Ultra is something I use to have a way to punish blockstrings that end in fireballs.


Why would you armor cancel ultra to punish blockstrings that end in fireballs? Isn’t just regular ultra enough?


No, it’s not to punish fireball ending blockstrings, I just mean in general. For example a Sagat that likes to spam fireballs or even a Ryu. Dash ultra works good but on people like Seth he still get’s hit by the boom as I think its longer than most fireballs. In those situations, armor cancel would be good but I think it would be better to leave the ultra to hit confirm from a headbutt, no?


I was replying to Kane who said that. Also, armor absorb ultra’s are an option select from what i understand. Let’s say you do EX rushpunch armor absorb ultra. If you mess up the commands or the opponent doesn’t throw out a move (poke or fireball) you only get ex rushpunch. Only if a move is absorbed, will the ultra come out. So im kind of wondering why i don’t see more balrogs do this.


If he doesn’t throw the fb and I do just ultra without ac, I’m going to be basically screwed.


I’m sorry about that, I didn’t see your post and thought you were talking to me. Well I heard its a 1 frame link which is probably why many Balrog’s don’t do it, but I guess with practice many can pull it off consistent, I played a Rog with such crispy links and he used armor cancel ultra against a Ryu in the lobby and man did it looks awesome. I guess it has a purpose as well as looking absolutely brilliant.


Dash ultra, I use it against Chun and Sagat religiously.

Armor cancel? I don’t use it unless I feel like styling.


Hmm that makes a fair amount of sense. What annoys me the most is when I go for a dash ultra and the dash doesn’t come out :frowning: I then look like a complete fool who tried to random ultra from almost full screen. Very embarassing :L


lol. I dash ultra religiously as well


Yea no prob :slight_smile: Also you are right in that is looks brilliant, i think armor cancelling is balrog’s best styling method.


I’ve been more than happy to cement myself as a mediocre (at best) Balrog, mostly because things like Dash-Ultra (A nessecity, really) is something I struggle to do, mostly because I’m on keyboard and it’s very awkward.

I certainly never managed to do a FocusCancel Ultra in Training but I did perform one by absolute fluke-accident during a match vs a Cammy - If only her CStrike from the air hit me lower so it’d have connected - She was too high so it absorbed, activated Ultra and I went flying away like a bloody tool.

Still, was quite amusing at the time:


An example of how not to fail dash ultraing chun. It was a bad chun but who cares, the point remains.



Dash ultra and Armor absorb ultra are both good but they have two different uses.

I think I can easily display the positives and negatives of them and gives 1 example of doing it rightfully.

Dash Ultra:

  • Useful for all fireball characters. Can be used to punish fire ball, EX fire ball or any projectile besides guile’s U2.
  • Useful on fireball spammers.


  • Timing has to be strict and you need to know the distances of the character/ speed of characters fireball.
  • Top players will try to bait dash ultra.
    -Execution for dash ultra is easy but reacting to a fireball is troublesome especially when you have no health.

Armor Break Ultra

  • Can absorb one hit and ultra out of it.
  • Useful as a wake up option select when fighting against highly aggressive characters. (Fei, Dudley, C.viper)
  • Option selects on dive kick characters I.E. The Ropedrink video.
    -Can use it to absorb one hit of a fireball then punish.


  • Very hard to punish off of reaction
  • Execution on it is difficult
  • Most situations you are better off doing a raw ultra
  • More of a flashy thing to do rather than punish.

I use both in matches however I don’t rely on it. It’s best to use them unpredictably and not let the opponent know you know how to do it.


I think I’ve seen it before but I don’t really understand what the armor cancelling ultra is so obviously I don’t do that.

I do however enjoy using a dash ultra. It’s main use to general players is to get through fireballs which is obvious. I do that a ton to characters who it can easily be used on like Ryu, Ken, Chun, Sagat, Akuma, Gouken, maybe a few others. I’ll do it only if the player insists on being a turtle, zoner, or is low on health and is cowering in the corner. I think I’ve got it down pretty well.

But I also like to use it as a general move baiter. I believe Rog has one of the best dashes in the game. It’s got decent distance, extremely quick, and recovers well to hit blockstrings. I’ll abuse it during a match by dashing in and grabbing, dashing in and doing completely nothing, or dashing in with some kind of blockstring pressure. At some point in a game if I feel like I’ve got the upper hand and would like to do the dash ultra, after the dashes I’ve already done, I’ll do a random dash from mid to full screen, hoping they’ll throw something out after I’ve showed them my dash repertoire and buffer the ultra. If I notice something I’ll hit the ultra if not, oh well… Haha.


To add to PoeM’s post: another con to AC xx Ultra, it loses to armor breaking moves and throws, as an option-select since everyone has at least two tools to negate it all-together, especially on wakeup.


I feel that ACxx Ultra with Rog is not as good as an option as it is with Elf, mainly because of the difference in startup of the ultras.


I think it’s a pretty big deal at higher levels. At my level even when i predict a fireball I just do a ex ru to combo into a hb. If I could dash ultra I would be getting more damage and not using meter. A hit confirm into ultra deals ass damage so the only good thing about comboing into ultra is that it carries them to the corner.


I can dash ultra if I’m standing buffering charge with jabs or something, but NOT from crouching. The dash seems hard to do unless the stick goes to neutral for a split sec. Needless to say in training mode i can do it, but in a heated match just end up “walking forward” > ultra.

Any tips. I do realize this is not dash ultra specific. Just dashing from crouching in general.


Use a square gate