How many or What Street Fighter comics do have If you are collecting them


This is my collection so far just started. Still missing some virgin covers and a lot of #3 and #2.

-Street Fighter #0, Canadian Comic Book Expo cover

-Street Fighter #0, Dynamic Forces Joe Mad cover, sealed with certificate of authenticity and limited to 2,000 copies

-Street Fighter #0, Dynamic Forces Joe Mad Foil Cover, sealed with certificate of authenticity and limited to 2,000 copies

-Street Fighter #0, WizardWorld 2003 cover

-Street Fighter #1, Dynamic Forces Joe Mad Red Foil Cover, sealed with certificate of authenticity and limited to 2,000 copies

-Street Fighter #1, Dynamic Forces Chun Li “Virgin” Cover, sealed with certificate of authenticity and limited to 2,000 copies

-Street Fighter #1 Chun Li Power Foil

-Street Figter #1 Cvr A

-Street Fighter #1 Cvr B

-Street Fighter #1 Cvr C Varient(With all the people on it)

-Street Fighter #2 Ken Power Foil

-Street Fighter #3 M.Bision Power Foil

-Street Fighter #4 Cover A

-Street Fighter #4 Power Cell Guile

-Street Fighter #4 Special Christmas Issue

-Street Fighter #5 Power Cell Incentive

-Street Fighter #5 Cvr A

-Street Fighter #5 Cvr B

-Street Fighter #6 Power Foil Akuma

-Street Fighter #6 Cvr A

-Street Fighter #6 Cvr B

I have the complete set for #1 , #4, #6, #5 so far, except for cover #4 I am missing Guile Virgin. 21 Comics so far. Hopefully more coming soon.


I have all the covers including the ones for the Zero issue except for the Ken Foil Cover and the Gouki issue Zero cover. I don’t really like the Gouki cover, but if I see the Ken Foil Cover I’ll buy it, but thankfully the Ken drawing is reprinted in the Graphic Novel, so if I get it or not it’s no big deal.


San Diego
Wizard World

Joe Madureira
Arnold Tsang
Jo Chen power foil
Long Vo & Saka 2nd printing

Arnold Tsang
Adam Warren
J. Scott Campbell
Jo Chen power foil
Arnold Tsang 2nd printing

Alvin Lee
Kevin Lau
Jo Chen power foil

Alvin Lee
Kaare Andrews
Jo Chen power foil
Arnold Tsang Christmas variant

Alvin Lee & Arnold Tsang
Hyung-Tae Kim
Shinkiro power cel

Alvin Lee & Arnold Tsang
Dustin Nguyen
Arnold Tsang-power foil


Graphic Novel? What is that


I think he means the TPB which consists of #0-6, still waiting for mine:(


I have two #0’s from Wizard World Chicago,
2 of every cover for every issue
all the power foils
The trade paperback
the special issue of #4 for ordering the Chun-Li bust



LOL!! Some of youz guys have too much money.:wink:

j/k. Its cool that there are so many hardcore SF collectors. I think the comics gonna do real good with all fans buying it. Hopefully it reaches ish #100 It seems like forever since a new comic has had a decent run. Well, one Im collecting, at least.

I have 1 of every issue.

For #0 I have Wizard World and for #6 I have the akuma powerfoil.


I can’t speak for Shin_Skillet, Kid Wu or Sano but I have a job which helps the comics take up a quarter of my weekly wage when they come but it’s no big deal I don’t have much to pay out for, luckily now I’m up-to-date I don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts back-tracking on eBay anymore.

Originally I was just getting 1 variant aswell, cover C’s but I decided I fancied collecting the main cover variants so I got started :smiley:


Just got one of each issue random covers. I try to get all the Alvin Lee ones only though. I am supposed to get some more comics that Erik Ko hasn’t sent me.:stuck_out_tongue: Just Joking Erik. Like I said take your time.


Same deal as a lot of people prbably - pick up one version of the comic - if I get a choice on the cover thats great! The only one I have two of is comic 0. One I picked up at Otakon which I just love to bits, and a black and white cover one I was kinda dissapointed on because stupid me thought it meant the entire comic was going to be in black and white and I would of loved to have seen that.

Oh! I have the first book as well because - I needed it for some odd reason. I blame Chun-li and Cammy being on the front… yeah, that’ll do.

As for OTHER steet fighter comics:

I have the English release of Masaomi Kanzaki’s Street Fighter.
I have the comic adaption of the live action movie (Hey it was released by the same people who released Mas’s comic - I wasn’t to know! - I already had a subcrition)
And The comic adaption of the animated movie.

Considering the condition of some of them I wouldn’t say collecting them as “well reading” 'em. I’d love more comics! MORE MORE MORE!! But its hard enough getting these in England so little chance really.

And thats it so far. Theres a pretty good deal at the moment in my local comic store for all of the power foils of Street Fighter in one pack but - eh - already blown enough money and I have the same comic twice techically so thats enough for me.


My collection lacks #0s (trying to get them altogether at a good proce)

I have:
Black Foil #0
Power Chen #2, #4
Power Foil #3, #6
Power Cel #5
All normal cover foils (i.e. 1x#1, 2x#2. 2x#3, 1x#4)
Special Christmas edition
Some of the normal ones

I need the following normal covers:

Can I just confirm that there are no other normal cover foils right?

Mohammed Ali


I have:

Issue #0
Joe Madureira Sketch Cover
Joe Madureira Black Foil Cover
Wizard World Chicago Variant
San Diego Comic Con

Issue #1
Joe Madureira Cover A
Arnold Tsang Cover B
Joe Madureira Red Foil Cover
Second Print Cover C
Jo Chen Power Foil
Jo Chen Non Foil version

Issue #2
Covers A,B and C
Ken Foil
Ken Non foil
Gold foil
Other foil varient
Second print cover

Issue #3
Cover A and B
Bison foil
Bison Non Foil
Gold Foil Group cover

Issue #4
Cover A and B
Guile Foil
Guile Non foil
Gold Foil Cammy
Xmas Cover

Issue #5
Cover A and B
Cel cover

Issue #6
Cover A and B

Phew, all i need is Akuma foil and TP.


#1 Cover B
#2 Cover A
#3 Cover A and C
#4 Cover A
#5 Cover A
#6 Cover A

In case you can’t tell, I really like the Udon art…


Hiya! Have I posted here yet? Probably not. So I guess this is my first post. Sorry I’ve been so quiet.
This is what I actually have, sitting behind me as I type:
#0 Wizard World (Akuma)
#1 Chun Li powefoil
Cover A
Cover B
Second Printing
#2 Cover B
Cover C
Second Printing
#3 Bison powefoil
Cover A
Cover B
#4 Guile powefoil (2X…anyone wanna buy it?)
Cover A
Cover B
X-Mas w/ Chun Li bust
#5 Chun Li/Guile powercel
Cover A
Cover B
#6 Akuma powefoil
Cover A
Cover B
Street Fighter - Round One: FIGHT trade paper bizzack
Promo poster for #1

Coming soon from Ebay:
#0 San Diego (won)
Canadian Expo (won)
DF Variant Sketch (bidding)
#2 Ken powefoil (won)
Cover A (won)
I don’t care about the Virgin covers or the foil “Street Fighter” covers, so I’m skipping those.


I shop at Midtown Comics in New York City. THey send me an E-Mail every week of all the upcoming comic books for the week. I check off all the Street Fighter Issues and all covers and they hold them for me. And whenever I spent 100 Dollars in my account, I get Twenty Dollars worth of free stuff. I’m not rich, but I work for a Law Firm, don’t own any College Loans since I put myself through school and live alone so I only have to worry about Rent, Food, Money, Cable, Phone Bills, getting laid and SF stuff! Not necesarily in that order… but the real order just might creep you out!


I’m not really collecting (at least I didn’t start out that way); I just wanted one of each of the Alvin Lee covers. I still need to get the Alvin Lee cover for #4, with Sagat and Ryu… for some reason this one is hard for me to find. If not, I guess I’ll just settle for the Cammy, Charlie & Guile cover, which I already have 2 of. I just started getting into the comics recently, and had to spent ridiculous amounts on the first 3 issues ($10 on #01A)… anyone else do the same?

#00, Dynamic Forces sketch cover w/ COA
#04B x2

Will get #07B on Wednesday… it’s a shame there’s no Alvin Lee cover on #07.



I got all 7 issues but only one cover per issue simply because I really don’t have the money to invest in collecting everything from it.