How many original Adon players are full of themselves because of this

You can see evident of this by seeing about every other replies since this happened.

Has anyone here considered that the influx of Adon forum viewers are here to see the drama because of the win instead of wanting to “main” Adon now?

Just as when vangief won there were an influx of viewers in that forum, I suppose they all wanna play Gief now.

The moment gamerbee won, I rushed to this forum, I have no intention of even play Adon. Reasons why many more might visit here is because:

  1. This was the last game of the night.
  2. In the stream, they even mentioned about this very forum, there were over 20k viewers of the stream, 300 to 400 ended up here is not really any surprise.
  3. J.Wong got eliminated, I want to see some drama, Adon forum is for sure the place to be. Where would one watching the stream go to see discussions? Adon forum is logical.

If Vangief fight and Gamerbee one were switched, the influx of viewers would be in Gief’s forum, not here.

Just a though, think outside of the box. I am just a casual game player, haven’t even played for about 2 weeks, came here right away after the match.

So…hi. You came to this forums to do what again? cuz it seems like you came for absolutely no reason. Why don’t u just stfu and stop invading our boards with senseless topics? Thanks. It’s like a bunch of sheep see a great player get rocked by a lesser known underdog, and they all rush to the underdog’s character’s forums in hopes of learning…exactly: absolutely nothing. Trust me there will prob be a bunch of wagon flowcharts trying something with Adon just because of that, same way Guile became the new online dummy cuz of all the n00bs who saw Daigo play him. Or Fei Long when everyone saw Inthul make top 3. lol. I find it funny. Anyways. bye hater.

i dont know why kyroc is being soo mean but i was full of myself lol i was like this matchup is in adons favor but when he won i just went to play on live i didnt even think of coming to the forums till i heard they were flooded so i came to see that not many people were posting

Yeah man, fuck anyone being stoked that someone using their character (who is seem as a low tier character by most of the community) just beat Justin Wong.

cry about it nerd. let us bask in gamerbees glory.

Well it’s pretty epic and possibly the ultimate irony. JWong talked shit about Adon since before the game came out, labeling him as one of the worst characters, and for a guy who’s relatively new to the scene (GamerBee) to stomp out one of the most overall dominant players in fighting games using arguably the best character in the game - with a mid-tier character he called “useless”. Priceless, he will NEVER live it down.

That’s what happens when you challenge the King of Muay Thai

Ya, it is pretty funny, gotta be mindful of what you say. I do remember him saying that when he used it pre release or something. Ended up getting eliminated by that very character. I was rooting for gamerbee not for any reason but for coming from TW. Was kind of hoping JR would advance as well.

“You’re all doing the internet wrong. Your character choices and discussion there of is making me upset for vague reasons.”

Here’s a tip that will make everyone’s lives a little less complicated. No one worth a damn cares who you main. We all are not secretly judging you based off of a character you chose in a video game. Things that people do judge you over:

-Your dirty ass clothes
-Your nasty ass grooming habits
-Your douchy ass stance
-Your shitty ass social skills

Where was I? Oh yeah. CLIZOSAURUS!