how many pcbs

how many pcbs did you have to blow through before you found one that worked?

i already tried to solder to 3 different pcbs and none of them worked for me :frowning:

anyone lucky enough to make it on the first try?


I did. First one worked perfectly. Then I messed up the next 3 I did lol.

All of the PCBs I’ve worked on have worked beautifully. No screw ups =P.

Hah I feel you there.

I screwed up a few at first because the wire I was using was too big. Once I started using a much smaller gauge wire, things have been smooth.

first one is messy, lots of super glue is used to keep the wire on the contacts now

2nd was me screwing up wiring the triggers, so only right trigger works

First one was an ugly job, but works perfect.

I’ve never stuffed up a PCB. What the hell are you people doing to them? :looney: