How many people has morphaze pissed off? Here is revenge


tha’ts right, how many people has morphaze really upset on this site???

morphaze’s real name is ryan summers from findlay ohio. my avatr is an actual picture of morphaze. if anyone wants to learn more, just send me a PM.


No one cares; now you’re just the loser.

My real is Larry San Miguel, from San Antonio, Texas. I work at a call center doing tech support for people’s TV/Internet/Phone and currently am enrolled to start college in march.

See? No one cares, now shut the fuck up.


You do realize this is making you look like just as much of an idiot as he does, right? Ok, just checkin’.


yes the point of this is to be an idiot,nice of you to notice,lol


You’ve done a damn good job so far.


Now that I am back, the tolerance for bullshit in this forum is going to reach epic lows.

Go ahead and ask people how adverse I am to banning trolls. Threads like this will not be tolerated.