How many people still play this game online?

Essentially the title. I want a few ranked matches for practice.

How can you play ranked matches…offline?

Oops, Online. I literally found an opponent who used galactus online, Hacks or no?

There are people who play. Few bother with ranked though.

Yes, Galactus can be made playable through hex editing. Go Google it if you want to learn more.

Yeah people play on lobbies but I prefer ranked… Would Hex Editing be considered hacking?

Probably in one of the truest senses of the original terms. [details=Spoiler][/details] Using bots/unintended macros could fall under hacking, but not really in the spirit of the ideal.

The game has really shit netcode, enter at your own peril.

Hell Modern Warfare 2 still has servers up after all of this time, why wound’t UMvC3 not have servers running.

could say the same thing about DLC

Disney/Marvel/Capcom hate us

Actually Capcom lost their Marvel License from Marvel/Disney.
Marvel/Disney want to do their own projects with games and as long as Capcom had the MvC License it creates certain legal issues for Marvel/Disney.

If you would prefer playing ranked then don’t bother, you’ll just encounter frustration and lower-quality matches.

Yeah, There’s just no one in my area to play it with.

I still play online. Regret it every time I do.