How many player's get counter picked with Blanka on Live?



How many Chun player’s get counter picked with Blanka on Live? I do all the time… I see that as a slap in the face…

How dare you think your amateur Blanka will beat my main? If you main Blanka then thats a different story. But nobody(over exaggeration) on live main’s Blanka.

I love to murder a counter picker Blanka. Play to get better, not just to beat me!


Pfft, I often get “counter picked” with Akuma/Ken/Ryu/Sagat. Rarely do I find someone running to Blanka and 90% of the time, if they pick Blanka – I take em out.

I totally agree with your last statement…players that immediately run off to pick a character they strongly feel will get them the win lose a lot of creditability with me for exactly what you said: play to get better, not to win.

However, I don’t see their selection of Blanka as a slap of the face, that just implies the character is scrubby, which he’s not.


I must say that playing Chun Li I have to do more to beat Sagat. I’m not worried about Akuma But Sagat Rips me Most of the Time.


the only thng i consider a counterpick against chun is rufus.



I rather deal with Rufus over Sagat.



Only reason I’d rather play against a Sagat is because I’ve fought more of them. I’ve got a good idea of every normal priority in that matchup, while Rufus it’s more of a “Block first, ask questions later” type thing. Dive kick mixups online are hell to deal with.


Blanka was a counterpick 3 months ago…but now everyone figured it out…
except blanka players of course, who keep ALWAYS getting baited into doing a full screen ex ball through my kikouken when I have ultra. It’s not even fun, you just need to start spamming kikoukens and they can’t resist to throw the ex ball. And even if for some reason you get hit…they still get punished :smiley:


The flowcharts and even most Rufus players to me aren’t scary anymore. Guess it’s just a matter of preference.


Only thing that I hate about going against Blanka is not being able to punish blocked horizontal balls except with Ultra.


agreed, especially if all they do is pull back and have a strong keep away style. takes a lot of timing and patience to get close/attack without careless punishments cause his damage is ridiculous compared to chun li.



Sagat is the only reason why I decided to play Ryu as well as chun li

I think at a higher level of play Akuma is of higher tier than Sagat. Akuma’s got the mixups, the damage combos and a teleport

Blanka isn’t a tough matchup for me. But I have never played anyone maining blanka in real life


i dont really mind playing sagats n the shoto’s prob because onlnie is full of them

rufus and blanka fuck me up tho althought im mostly in champ mode so i dont genrealy get counterpicked


Blanka is my worst matchup on live. I guess cause I don’t play against him enough, but for some reason I’m clueless on what to do.

I think I should go read the matchup thread.


I’ve used Blanka several times against you IIRC, but that was some ago before you stopped sending me invites to have sparring sessions.

Send me an invite; it’s a lot easier to tell you what to avoid/abuse without seeing you in action.

Same invitation extended.


I’m gonna have to quote MagnetoManiac for this (taken from the “Vs. Brickhouses/Tanks” thread):

“…If he does a horizontal ball, dash up, take 1 step forward (holding forward from the dash) and press st.strong. Blanka can’t do anything besides ultra this. Any type of Ball, EX or regular will get stuffed. Electricity gets stuffed as well. If he tries to jump anywhere, it gets stuffed too. So basically, they will resort to focus absorbing, or jungle hopping backwards…whichever, but the bottom line is they’re going to move backwards…”

Good luck!


Blanka loses to Chun. :lol:


DevilJin with the save :rofl:

I hate to break it to the OP…but um, Blanka only counters…how do you say…scrubs?


Nemo puts Chun vs. Blanka 6.5 in Blanka’s favor.


Maybe against Mizoteru. Maybe even European Blankas…but in the states? NAAAAAAAAH lol.


Chun has so many tools against Blanka that I don’t think Blanka is a counterpick.

I’m with Dime on this one, the only counterpick that comes to mind for Chun is Rufus.