How many points have you lost due to the GP bug?

Has everyone just stopped complaining about this or what? Basiccally I have lost easily over 400+ GP because of the stupid GP bug where it says after the match “this previous tournament did not finish properly , you start from the beginning, do not pass go , do not collect 200 dollars.” About 1 out of every 40-50 matches ends up in the bug for me, a real dicking. Most of the time it comes after a semi final or final, it basically makes me wanna retire online gaming, and in G1, you gotta fight for your points. I find it funny that we have a sticky for a “fix” that does not work, I don’t think enough research has been put into this, this seems like it’s a netcoding error on behalf of capcom, not anything to do with DNS. Is there anyone here who has NOT ever been affected by it and plays semi regularly? It’s utter despair.

I feel ya. Ive lost @ least 1k do to that bug. same time period 4 me too. always after the 3rd or semi-finals. but its more frequent for me, so i decided to go 4 player matches or ranked matches from now on. I will occasionally go 4 a tourney, which will probably end with the bug.

ive lost about 500 gp eh i dont really care though cuz its online

Happened to me once… Right after a finals match. Instead of winning, I lost 100 points… I was like 50 away from G2.

playing online definatly makes you a better player, I don’t care what anyone says , if you play online , you do see a wide variety of decent players …in G1…it helps stop bad habits and helps the learning of matchups…I feel like online play is key to being sucessful in SF4. The bug…sucks my ass.

I lost like 1000 when I was nearing G1. I was pissed. I lost small amounts of points other times. The worst was when I clicked on someones name to join the match, it said connection lost before I entered his room and then came the bug I had to restart. I was like wtf conection lost before I entered the lobby?

Happened to me yesterday. I was on the last round before the connection was lost. Was during a Semi-Final. GP down the drain.

so it’s still affecting players…basically this was a pretty henious issue and still is persisting to be one that really needs to be identified and brought to capcom so their next release doesn’t have this disgusting bug. The netcoding definatly is buggy, also that sticky should be removed…it wasn’t a fix.

it used to happen like once a month. but last night it happened 3 times in a row when i won the semi-final round. I tried it this morning and it happened again after i won the semi-final round. I lost some semi-finals and it registered my 20-somethings points, but it resets me if i win. That makes 4 should be finals in a row.

i have lost a bunch of GP points on that bug and recently i lost BP as well i turned on my ps3 i had 2000 BP then when i went to do the network battle it went down to 1800 and on top of that it gave me 1% disconnect. I dont quit games no matter how bad i lose but i have dsl and yes it does drop on occasion and its pretty bad at times.

None because I read the GP bug sticky thread you morons

hey gorath u f’in moron , it doesnt work for everyone. That sticky is not a fix, maybe if you read this thread you would have seen me post this multiple times, if I see you on the street I’m going to punch you in the face bro…I’ve already mopped the floor with you online.