How many power foils do you have?

This includes Darkstalkers too. I have three right now. Street Fighter #1, Street Fighter #7, and Darkstalkers #3. I’m trying to collect them all while hunting for decent prices. Some comic shops try to jack that price way up.

SF #1 - 13



I buy the comics for the story, not the covers.

I support the work Udon is doing and all, but I don’t have the money to be blowing on foils every issue.

Zero, I really can’t afford to buy the foils, but I wish I could.

got all the SF and DS power foils (not the virgin ones), got most of them from and a few on ebay and local comic stores.

I had SF#1-10 but I sold them since I got fed up with the variant collecting.

I have #5 power foil, but I really want #11.


I see power foils for the cheap marketing ploys they are. But they are sexy and shiny nonetheless.

Then you’re wasting money like the rest of us. The story is crap. The only thing keeping me purchasing these comics is the art. I can see why SF comics always fall off.

I have all the DS and SF foil covers except the Ken Foil cover, that one really didn’t frequent the stores in New York City like the rest of them, and if it did it sold out in 2 seconds. (This was before I started pre-ordering the books, now I get all the covers that are available in comic book stores.) I managed to acquire the Ken cover ‘unfoiled’ through an online retailer though, happy with that. I HATE ordering online when it’s not necessary.

Is there a list somewhere? i’m missing one and not sure which.

you can see all the covers at

I have all of the Street Fighter covers, plus an extra Guile. And I think I have 2 DS ones as well.

I have the Akuma and Dhalsim power-foils. And Random, there was a time where I would have been in agreed with you, but I think the comic is picking up the pace. However, maybe you shoudl pick up the trades. I’ve noticed they read alot better when you dont have to wait cliffhanger-to-cliffhanger.

Maybe this is an old question, but I’ve been wanting to find out what the difference between the power foils and the virgin foils are. Does anyone know?

Power Foil covers are shiny holograms on card, Virgin Power covers are just the drawing in full colour on paper.

I’ve got 3 foils SF #4, 5, 9. But I have all 3 of the Capcom Summer Specials and 2 issue 0’s.

You buy it for the art alone? I buy them for the story (which I think is awesome) and see the art as a bonus.

I have ALL poowerfoils of darkstalkers and street fighter,and the art and the story rocks hard!Thanks to Udon for bringing these great properties back to life!