How many power foils do you have?

I simply had to get the Sakura foil. But I got lucky The only Comic book Shop in town that had a copy left made a mistake and Charged me the regular price instead to the rediculous jacked-up price they usually charge :clap:

I’ll never understand the collectible aspect of american comic books.

I had a look, I don’t have #5 power foil… it’s a “Power Cell” cover, with a transparent sheet over the cover. Very odd.

Isn’t Udon Canadian? :confused:

I’ll never understand why people double post.

Yeah, Udon is Canadian… (and so am I)
I should have said “north american comic books” then.

And sorry for the double post. I really don’t know how it happened.

What’s so hard to understand about it?

I don’t know. I read comics for the art and stories, but the collectible aspect never really worked with me. I just don’t like the monthly release thing north american comic books follow, this is why I buy the paperbacks instead, which are much closer to what I am used to. I’m just sad of missing the backup stories.