How many pp do you have poll

i wanna see how many pp everyone has
mine is 1569 on pc

About 3100 or 3200

i lose like 2 matches and end up in 2800

I have been going up and down between 600 and 800 pp.
However I have only just started playing people who match my skillz so it will likely start creeping up now.

I am currently on 2949 but i’ve voted 3,000 PP because it makes me feel better about myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Player should be banned you lose to someone with less point then they’ll deduct 100pts and if u beat them u get 1pts. It’s funny because everyone have like 2 to 3 account and they will log in to there Alt account with no battle or player point and beat up on guy with 2000 plus point. I know I do that just for fun.

3500 pp

Amazing thread, where’s do I find the tape-measure so I can post mine too.

It is between your legs :wink:

i have like about 4300 on the PC. i had over 4500 but when you lose one game you lose sooo many points heh. its about 4300ish right now.

I could care less about PP, plus I run into 0 point players who obviously can play the game all the time. I’m not going to make a ban list so I can hoard points, I never run from a fight.
It has been everywhere between 950pp - 2500pp lately

To be perfectly honest Ive started to care about BP lately. the fact you can see where you are on the leaderboards is a damn good move on Capcoms part, Its addictive as hell. So I do tend to pick a second if I’m rematching a very low BP player again :oops:
I am not proud of this at all.

3.8k penis points, sir.

Does this dick measuring topic have to be revived every 3 months? Dig into the archives, I am pretty sure I left at least one PP measuring thread open.