How Many Sausages Could You Eat?


I’m just curious. In one sitting. With or without buns or sauces. If you had to just swallow one sausage after another, for some sort of personal achievement or goal, what would the end tally be? Surprise me. Have you ever challenged this goal?




I ate about two lbs of bacon-wrapped little smokies during a Superbowl one year. I’ll be ok if I never eat another little smokie.


in b4 soviet changes that picture to a penis after people fall for it


I won’t fall for that old trick.


reported for spam

the processed meat

shit in a can nobody ever wants if they had a choice. which is why the other spam is named after this spam too.


Oh lord. I can not stand spam. Its the stuff of nightmares


Don’t make me bust a Joey Chestnut


Spam is awesome. I make sandwiches of that stuff all the time.

All chocolate on Earth should be replaced with Spam.


That’s what I was thinking. Figured he would change title to “How many dicks could you suck at once?” or something like that.

Somebody didnt some shit like that a few months back and I dont remember who, but it was well done.


Sovi3t on srk looking for a boyfriend. Fuckin homo.


I was legit curious about sausage.

I remember having it as a kid, and it was delicious, haven’t tried it since, but I walk by it all the time. I need to go buy some, fry it up, and bask in its spammyness.

How come nobody has added up their total sausage intake potential?


So um, why so curious about sausage? This part of some muslim witchhunt?


why ask why, when the answers are what I crave?


I love sausages.


The white sausages are Weisswurst, a sausage from Bavaria.


I’m a euro mutt, so yeah, I’m all about the sausage.


Cha Lua, Viet-nah-meh sausage

Lap Xuong aka Express Ticket to Cholesterol Ville aka But y so damn good doe? aka Chinese sausages


By the way, German sausages are top tier in Bavaria. They cost like 3 euros for a kilo and are very lean (leaves no grease in the pan) and are packed in protein and are really delicious.


i can only fit two dicks in my mouth at a time