How many SRK peeps fell for THIS joke?!?

Okay, no bullshit… who fell for the EGM April Fools Joke articles of Sheng Long?
What’s funny is that when the 1st Sheng Long trick was posted for SF2 in EGM, I didn’t know it was bullshit UNTIL… I actually completed all of the insanely difficult “requirements” to face Sheng Long and of course did NOT face Sheng Long! :annoy: It took me weeks to master the timing and patterns of Bison before I was able to do what the phony "requirements were. I was lucky enough to work at an arcade in which I could stay overnight after closing and play SF2 for free or I would’ve gone broke and probably could’ve won a lawsuit against EGM for how much money I would’ve lost. Anyways, back then the internet was not much of an option for confirming game hoaxes, not to mention that this was the biggest video game hoax of all time then. This hoax even fooled Japan, who believed it, and they thought they knew everything about SF2 at that time so they were hella surprised to see that!

I didn’t get into SF3 very much to have ever bothered attemping the 2nd Sheng Long joke though. I DID however believe what I was reading and was very curious about it. The screen shots and the text descriptions made Sheng Long seem as though he was the new “King of Cheese” in fighting games!

Anybody else fall for either of these jokes? Who actually tried it and completed all of the trick requirements?

LOL, brings back memories of the good ol’ days when SF WAS KING! :lovin:

BTW, this shit never stops making me roll! Too funny! “The Best Version of SF2:CE”… what a f*cking joke!

I remember some guy in the arcade who tried to do it for hella days…Rog was usually no problem but then he’d screw up against Vega…one time he ate it in round 2 vs bison and dood smashed the buttons and broke em. funny. and i swear it wasn’t me!

Weren’t some of the requirements to not get hit for 10 rounds against Bison (all the while not hitting him either?)

I would’ve tried it if I had access to an arcade but SNES was all I could muster.

I fell for the Akuma in RE2 one…but I was like in 6th grade at the time.

Correct. And you couldn’t lose any energy through block damage either which made this nearly IMPOSSIBLE! Like I said before, it took me a few weeks of almost nonstop playing every night to lock down the computer’s pattern. I only managed to do it maybe 3 times, but by the 3rd time I knew something was definitely NOT RIGHT— so true seeing as it was TOTAL BULLSHIT! I’ll never forget the frustration I felt time and time again when I would make it to round 8 or 9 and then the CPU would throw me! :rofl: The feeling I felt when I actually got down the CPU’s pattern to be able to last ten rounds without losing energy was a feat in itself though that I’ll never forget. Again, those were the days when Street Fighter 2 was the dream we thought would never end.

Wouldn’t it be crazy though if you could emulate the original SF2 and program your character not to lose any energy, and after 10 rounds with Bison find out that EGM pulled off the greatest hoax of a hoax because it really DID exist! I know for a fact though that it doesn’t since I met all the requirements that were listed to be able to fight Sheng Long, not to mention that EGM admited that it was a joke anyway… unless I was doing something wrong and it DOES exist. :looney:
BTW, I still own that issue of EGM! :lovin:

Hearing Denjin-Shinryuken still makes me laugh. :lol:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Yeah, I almost forgot about that one! I never tried that trick either, but I did believe what I was reading at the time, and I might have tried it if I ever played RE2 before.
Who would’ve figured EGM would fool us 3 times with Street Fighter type stuff. I don’t think their jokes will fool anyone anymore though since we probably know what to expect, and we could research the trick through several internet resources nowadays.

Yeah, I fell for it sadly, but I was younger…

also that April Fool’s joke was Capcom’s inspiration to create Akuma and if you realize, to fight against him the requirements are almost about the same.

Yeah I had that EGM also, with the horrible Blanka/Ryu/Chun Li art on it. I fell for that one but I never attempted it.

The SF3 Sheng Long joke was pretty bad, you had to be damn near retarded to believe that one.

I fell for both. :sad:

The funny thing about the whole thing is that Capcom developers literally stole Sushi-X’s ideas and put them into future games. First, they added the “fire” to Ken’s fist during his dragon punch in Super Street Fighter II, then later they added Akuma/Gouki as a secret character in Super Turbo. He even ran in during the Bison fight, exactly as Sushi-X had made up for the way Sheng Long made his entrance.

The funniest part about all of it though, is that the Japanese fell for a joke that basically was based off of a bad English translation. The name Sheng Long was taken from Ryu’s win quote: You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance. This win quote was actually a mistranslation of Shoryuken from Japanese into English; if you follow the series, later on they chance his win quote to “You must defeat the Dragon Punch to stand a chance.” If the Japanese had thought it out for about 10 minutes, they would have realized it was a hoax from the start, since “Sheng Long” technically didn’t even exist in Japan in the win quote.

Oh well…I admit it fooled me back then too. There was a guy who used Zangief exclusively and kept trying to do it but never could. I felt really bad for him when it was exposed as a hoax…

But I never fell for the second one in SF3!

did u guys unlock Gill in 3s arcades? FFA did it in So Cal.

Can you scan it? I’d love to read the original article :wonder:

My friend dspent a year trying to do the requirments for this. He actualy did it to.
He was pissed.

honestly, I didn’t fall for it. Well okay, when I first read it I was like “Wow, cool!”, but then when I read the name and location of the “person” who submitted the trick, I knew it was a fake. I knew it had to be a hoax since it wasn’t the first time EGM had pulled an April Fool’s stunt. You see, the year before they had printed a fake trick about using Simon Belmont in the NES version of TMNT 2. They did of course later admit it was a joke, and they showed some other fake screenshots in their letters page too, like Sonic running down the mountain on the 2nd stage of Strider. So yeah, when I realized it was the April issue, plus the questionable name/location thing and their track record of printing fake screenshots to screw with people’s heads…

It was fun hearing everyone else swear to god it was real. Even when I explained the logic on why it was a hoax, they’d still swear up and down that it was possible.

I may still have that issue around in the garage somewhere. Not going into the trouble in finding it just to scan it for you guys though.

I rember when everyone thought sonic and tails were in SSBM.

yeah i fell for that, but i was about 11 then lol

People still do think that Sonic and Tails are in SSBM. Sad, isn’t it?

What were the unlock requirments for that anyways?