How many sticks do you own?

I have 4 total.

1 Hori Real Arcade Pro EX modded w/ Seimitsu buttons and stick, and turned into a project box setup
1 Madcatz PS3 SE modded with Seimitsu buttons and stick
1 Unmodded Hori Fighting Stick Wii (save for an octagonal gate)
1 Custom Happ stick with MC Cthulhu and Madcatz 360 PCB

Current Favorite is the modded SE, though the HRAP EX modded is great as well.

I got 5.

1 Sanwa modded Noname Fighting Stick 2
2 Mod-It Arcade Sticks
1 self built 2player Stick.

I own 5.
1- TMO/Norris stick
4- Big Pockets sticks (go figure)

All have Seimitsu buttons. Joysticks represented are the LS-32, LS-33, LS-40, JLF and JLW.

dang, how’d you get that stuck up ho to agree to build you 4? must have dropped some serious guap!

I got 4.
1 HRAP3 AV, all Sanwa.
1 HFS3, seimitsu buttons.
2 Agetecs, seimitsus, LS32 and LS33.

i got 3
2 ps3 TE sticks
1 x arcade modded to 360 pcb

it’s a fluid number

Just a few here and there.

I have a Hori EX2 stick, a Hori EX2 Pro stick, and 2 Madcatz TE sticks.

5 - Soon to be 6

2 - Madcatz TE for 360 . 1 dual modded w/ Imp for PS3
1 - Madcatz SE for 360 w/JLF & seimitsu buttons
1 - Norris Arcade Stick
1 - HRAP3:SA

Soon to come: Custom by Stevetren!

1x 360 MadCatz TE
1x Dual Mod Kaytrim Kustom

Sold the others.


For me, I have 4 at the moment
1 Seimitsu modded HRAP2 (ls-32-01, PS-14-K w/ Sanwa SW-68)
1 Tekken 5 Anniversary stick (will mod sooner or later =P)
1 MAS stick (all Happ)
1 NIB Madcatz SE (soon to be modded and sold)

Damn it MarkMan, we want a number…:wgrin:

2 TE
2 scratch built customs
3 Tekken 5
3 arcade cabs (should count as 6 :looney:)

I can’t believe that is all I have left (goes to look in the attic)

2x Madcatz TE (1 360/ 1 PS3)
1x Hori EX2 360
2x SF Anniversary Sticks happ modded
1x Pelican TOURNAMENT READY (lol) stick happ modded

had a lot of other shit, but it all ended up being flung across my parents basement many moons ago. such sticks that got this great award were 2x dreamcast sticks (1 topmax…other I don’t even know who made…wasn’t the agetec though, that thing rocked), 1 psx sony stick, 1 snes stick, and a few others I’m probably forgetting. but yeah, solid concrete walls work brilliantly for destroying shitty sticks.

i have 3 fight sticks

2-TE modded sticks
1-SE modded stick

I’m guessing there are about 10-15 in my house.

I really need to pick which ones I want to sell.

1ps3 fight stick (soon to be filled with sim buttons and rollie stick)
2 TE sticks 360
2 busted ultimate fight sticks (just need to be gutted and filled with the good stuff)
Even thought its not mine yet I preordered the tekken stick bundle for my ps3(tekken wouldnt feel right on an xbox)

I have 7
2 green goblins (stock)
1 X-arcade( HAPP comp stick and buttons, PS2 PCB)
1 Tekken 5 (in pieces, really need to finish that stick)
1 Street Fighter Anniversary stick (needs new PCB, MDF is falling apart)
1 HRAP 3(w/ sanwa buttons and dark hai balltop)
1 360 TE Stick (w/ clear bubble-top)

Does my cab count?

MarkMan - I’ll guess 27.

He had said in another post that he lost count but it was easily in the triple digits.