How many street fighter 2's do you own?


I was just thinking about my game collection, and I noticed that I had collected almost half a dozen different incarnations of SF 2 over the years…SNES, DC, GBA, ps2, Xbla, and I’m sure there are people here who can easily top that.

It’s a great game, don’t get me wrong, but in retrospect I feel like a sucker for repeatedly paying for the same game. Oh well, they all have their uses.


Genesis: Champion Edition, Super
SNES: Turbo
Xbox: SF anniversary collection
GBA: SSF2T-Revival
I even had the Tiger Electronics handheld SF2, oh how naive I was…

damn, I bought this game way too many times


Just 2 at the moment (360 HD, DC) but have at one point or another owned every single one for all console home systems. No handhelds.


SF2 is probably one of the most ported games ever, so many versions of it: PC, master system, 3DO, etc etc


How the fuck do you necromancers get to threads from 5 years ago?


SNES SF2 and SF2T (not SSF2) had the best sound fx of all SF2- and ST-versions.


SNES - Turbo and Super
PS3 - HD Remix


I have a copy of II on my ancient Blackberry phone…felt like a champ when Shoryuken came out 50/50


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SfII ww *
Sf2 Ce *
Sf2 turbo hyper fighting *
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Super turbo *
Grand master challenge *
Hyper anniversary

WW *
Turbo *


SfII collection I *
SfII collection II *

Capcom classics collection I w/ww, Ce, hyper *
Capcom classics collection II w/ST
Hyper anniversary *

SSFII turbo revival


Capcom arcade SfII

all snes, genesis, turbografx, etc versions

Hyper anniversary *

HD Remix

HD Remix *

  • = the versions that I feel are worth owning. If only one…arcade GRAND MASTER CHALLENGE is king.


SNES: SF2, SF2Turbo


It’s part of the mystery of posting while drunk.


Think this is an interesting thread actually.

I had WW & Turbo on SNES, SF Anniversary on PS2, the Capcom Arcade iPhone game, and HD Remix on PS3. I also had the mobile versions of SF2WW and SSF2 which were bad, but fun back in the day.

I even had a port of SSF2 on PC back in the day. But something with our computer didn’t jive with the game so while the game worked, the colors were all messed up.


If you count roms and the SF collection app for my iPad, then three lol. WW, ST, and HF. All versions are arcade.


It’s a zombie thread!

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SNES Turbo cartridge and PS3 HD Remix


Am I missing something? Is there some magical property of the jap version of ST that makes it superior to the US version? Where’s dat american pride!?


A few minor gameplay differences here and there, no freeplay, speed differences as well.


I beg to differ: O.Gief bug is pretty big.


I thought the O.Gief bug was only in the World version?