How many tiers for MvC3?


Hi everybody.

I was wondering, how do you see the tiers in MvC3 ? Do you think they’re scattered around, or all clumped up with a few god tiers ?
Personnaly, I see 3 big groups :

Top tier :
For Sent, Dante, Wesker, Gouki, Magneto, and all the others capable of really taking profit of ANYTHING, with big profits.

Mid tier :
Characters with about 500k on an opening, a decent assist, but who lacks for exemple range or damages. She Hulk, Haggar, Doom,…

Low tier :
And then the last part, for Thor, Felicia, MODOK, the ones who require either perfect execution or mind reading abilities to be slightly efficient, but not even remotly than the top tiers.

I really “feel” those 3 big packs of characters, and don’t see any standing out.
What about you ?



GOD: dante, sentinel
shit: others


My current tier list:

A: everyone


why are you putting Modok and Felicia in low tier? Didn’t you see Justin Wong’s Felicia? Modok’s hardly a slouch either. Felicia is really, really good though, seriously.

If there are any low tier characters at the moment, I would say it would be Ryu (yes, we know he has a nice super, but what else? He’s very limited compared to other characters it seems)Captain America and Thor. Everyone else has showed up in tournaments and been able to do some cool stuff.


MODOK just won a pretty decent-sized tournament in Ontario on Sunday.

It’s too early to even decide how many tiers. That’s something you can’t determine until you see just how much better certain characters are than the ones below them. Sentinel is sticking out quite clearly, but we haven’t come remotely close to unlocking the potential of the other characters yet. Sentinel is just easy and new stuff is being discovered every single day still.

Also not putting Haggar in the high group is odd to me. Lariat is easily one of the best assists in the game, right up there with Hidden Missiles and Drones (probably not quite as good as those two though).

Right now I have to agree with Dr. Grammar - A: everyone.


Its too early to talk about tiers…
I ask you though… do you really know what’s a tier list, or you only post the characters you have a hard time against?


Sentinel only seems top tier he’s got good damage output that does alot of damage off mashing but you can punish everything he does as much damage as he does if you good with your I would put she hulk, zero , deadpool, dante, taskmaster and wolverine all above sent and I have sent on my team. I would say he’s mid tier because of his Chip damage. It seems like the tiers are going to be really close together. Don’t sleep on modok I can’t play him but he’s a nightmare if you play a good one.


I’ll put Spencer in the high tiers. Good mobility with Wire Grapples, damaging combos, and an incredible punish with his Bionic Falcon Punch super. Only thing he lacks is a good form of chip damage, however, he does have a command throw to combos to deal with turtlers.



Sent as mid-tier? I hope you’re trolling bro.


Yeah dude way too early for tiers and I personally think everyones good but ryu, though i have seen people have success with him. Modok is good once you land a cube and cap has some sick shield combos, anyone can win in this game.



Marvel tier - Everyone
Haggar Tier- Haggar’s Mustache and Eye Twinkle(Get’s it’s own tier for being so god like)
Felicia Tier - Felicia’s character model (Mostly for tradition but since her gameplay is marvel tier her model is filling this spot)

And that’s the tiers for MvC3


Hulk no like Tiers, Hulk like SMASHING!!!


Too early for tiers. Although Sent is quite obviously going to be ultra high up there. At the end of the day though, it appears that every character can be a viable option…unlike the roster in MvC2.


Yes, I’ve seen Wong’s Felicia, and it really feels “so so” compared to other rushdown characters like Wolverine or Zero. As well with a much higher skill cap. She reminds me of I-No, you can win tourneys with it, you just have to be twice as good as others !

I also haven’t talked about the distance between the tiers, but that was an implicit question… I never said a top tier would auto rape a low tier character, a bit like a Vanilla Sagat. I just said they were better.
I also think there is very minimal distance between the tiers, but I really get a feel of 3 groups of characters.