How many times can you punch a controller before it breaks?

Or throw it against the floor.

It’s called self control google can tell you all about it.

How hard are you doing it? Is it Scumbag v. Juicebox throwing, or Daigo beating JWong rage?

I’m punching it as hard as I can several times. Sometimes I bite it. I always count in German at the top of my lungs though.

I really need some advice on it because I can’t afford a new controller right now, but I just have too many feelings inside.

Take a break from the game for a week or two.

I seriously threw my brand new (BRAND MOTHERFUCKING NEW) round2 TE against the carpet last night, because I absolutely suck as Cammy at sf4, and apparently, can’t beat the most flowchart of scrubs. The plastic door that holds the cord snapped in half and broke off.

That’s the first and LAST time I’m ever going to get bitter about losing on sf4. Usually I don’t get mad, but when Im fucking spamming Ultra1 on a blocked Blanka Ball and the shit doesn’t come out, that shit seriously puts me over the edge. But I’m better for it now. I learned my lesson

Hit yourself in the head instead of hitting the controller. The pain gives you an epinephrine rush, which will cause you to be more alert and effectively play better in the following games.

This is especially effective if you aim for your temple, because then the rush goes straight to your brain.

Test it SweetScientist and come back to us with the result.

Try screaming in a pillow… or buy a cheap used on at gamestop and set it next to you and throw that instead.

Also, what Protean said. Some of you new players are all too happy to ask for handouts, instead of doing the research yourself.
Do a chart and post it up. Contribute. Give something back to this lovely community.

(Back in my day / get off my lawn / whippersnapper / etc etc.)

Trust me, I’d really like to bust the shit out of the controller myself, especially after losing to scrubby Kens online, but I was hoping to fall back on the wisdom and experience of SRK. :china:

Plus, I really need my controller for Netflix.

if you make a video, I’ll watch it. :stuck_out_tongue: Everyone gets frustrated at times, just don’t take it out on your controller/joystick…you’ll regret it(unless you have money to burn).

about 15 times

It’s always this number

you must make a video of your worst tantrum and post it on youtube. then we’ll be able to help.

ask gootecks.

Judging by your posts (I usually lurk the forums over post) you don’t seem like the type to get upset about an SF loss, but I’ll admit I’ve been there (replace Cammy with Guile/Adon and the blocked Blanka ball)…

Learning the lesson is always key. For example, I used to call things ‘cheap’ when I first started playing, but I’ve learned to phase that out of my vocabulary due to gaining some knowledge about the SF engine and good-ol’ practice. Now my bitterness has subsided tremendously, and I’m more often in it for the fun of learning more… even if I do get my ass mopped up.

If your frustration must be put out in physical form: Pillows. Serious.

Remember, any online match is 3 factors : You, your opponent, and the internet. Two of these things are out of your control, but your reaction is always under your control. Slow down, take a breath, shake it off. If you can’t, get up and distract yourself for a bit. Getting your mind off of it can do wonders for your focus when you come back.

Thanks for the speedy advice/concerns, all.

I used to box with my uncle in the garage before naps. My punches have KO power.

15 times

all depends how buff you are