How many times have you moved in your life?

How many times have you moved in your lifetime?

Meaning you moved to a place and stayed there at least 3 months. From the hospital you were born in to where your caregivers slept doesn’t count as a move.

I hate packing all my shit up and moving. Can’t stand it. It doesn’t feel like I’m embarking on a new adventure it feels like I’m on the run or losing something. I love polling SRK and I wanna hear people talking about the benefits of ‘starting over’.

once from europe (where i was born) to canada
then only 3 times here
apartment -> house -> house -> my own place

and for the record, i fucking hate moving

  1. Though 3 of those were within 30 minutes of previous place.

So far I’ve moved 8 times. Six times during childhood :sad:

like 16 times :X

I’m a military child, so the answer is “quite a bit”.

Born in Spokane, WA.
Moved to NJ.
Moved to Florida.
Moved to North Carolina (8 years there)
Moved to Okinawa (3 years)
Moved to South Carolina (3 years)
Moved to my current location (11 years and counting).

So yeah.

Too many times. I’ve been to 4 different elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 2 high schools. It sucked. A lot.

Yeah whatever the max poll option is that’s me. Shit, I went to 4 different high schools, that should say enough.

I’ve moved 5 times and now I travel for work constantly. Living with my parents right now because there is no reason to rent/buy my own place. I’m only home maybe 2-3 days a month. It’d be cheaper to just rent a hotel for the few days i’m home.

Not enough, let’s say that

I’ve moved around a bit…
San Diego CA , Corpus Christi TX, Chicago IL, Cleveland OH, Oxnard CA, Camarillo CA, Ventura CA, Okinawa makes 8 I guess.

I grew up on MLK. I now live in the suburbs.

It took a while, but I made it out! :woot:

It’s been a few times for me…I guess college counts as the first one that is clear in my memory, requiring me to do the primary, annoying work involved.

It was great though, mostly since I didn’t have anything other than clothes and my gaming systems at the time. That first day of being an official college student was awesome…it was the first taste of true freedom, especially once your parent(s) finally get on the road headed back home. I’d still love to go back and live at least my freshman year over and over again.

*fast forward a bit, I’ve moved a few times since being truly on my own in the past 5 years…and it’s quite annoying due to how much work is involved there. There’s also the stress factor, since my last move was because of safety concerns at the old apartment…it’s not cool when some dude is routinely kicking in people’s doors to rob the place…and he NEVER gets caught…nah, man fuck that. The depressing thing is that it was a downward spiral…that apartment was a great place to be in my first year or so there, but those last few months were garbage. I wasn’t even getting sleep anymore since I was worried about that guy going around kicking people’s doors in and ALWAYS getting away with it. I took to sleeping on the floor with the futon pushed up to the door as a makeshift barrier. It was so great to finally get out of there. I hope he kicks the door in on someone who has a loaded gun at the ready one day, so that son of a bitch can catch a few bullets in his face. That piece of shit can burn in hell for all eternity for all I care. It’s a shame “castle doctrine” law only goes so far, y’know? I would love to just torture someone like that for many hours and days.

Anyway, I hate all the work involved in moving though…it’s why I don’t even like to get more furniture, since I keep thinking of how much of a bitch it will be to move all that stuff(couch, table, entertainment center, etc.) around. Next time, I’ll just hire some folks to do all the heavy lifting and whatever for me.

I’ve moved 6 times i think?

I moved from my moms to my place in college, then after two years i moved to another house. Stayed there for about 4 months and moved back to my moms, stayed there for about 2 years and moved into my own place, stayed there for 2 years then i moved to thailand. I’ve moved to about 3 different places in thailand…do those count as well?


Honestly want to say 24+ but off the top of my head I can only remember 20 of them so far.

Million it sounds like your liked your old place better than your new apartment, minus the robber and all. Your torture daydreams are always hilarious

10 times

and i lived in Florida and P.R. for about A year

Silver Spring MD -> Gaithersburg MD -> Boston MA -> Roxbury MA

11 so far. Been all over FL and CA. Lookin to move again in a year or so.