How many times have you moved in your life?

Around 10 at least.

i’ve only moved from permanent residences twice, but since you added the 3 month wrinkle in i have moved in and out dorms/apts at college a few times.

old home > home > nyu dorms > home > rutgers dorm > home > dorm > home > frat house > diff house > home > korea

Let’s see since I didn’t list it out last time.

Montreal->Anjou->Toronto->Montreal suburbs->Morocco(Rabat to be more precise)->Lachute->Montmagny->Cap rouge->Ottawa->Beaconsfield->Montmagny-> Chicago->Quebec city->Montreal Downtown-> switched appartments in Montreal downtown->Quebec city.

Born in Hawaii, moved to a duplex in WA, moved to a house, moved to my dad’s for a year, moved back into house, here I am

I moved 4 times, but all by choice so I don’t see it as a negative. I just don’t like being in one place for too long and I like to experience different cities. I started out in Midwest, then DC, now Baltimore,MD. I’m definately impressed with NYC (where u look dumb if you drive instead of using transit—my kinda city) and will move there eventually, but will probably drop in to Philadelphia for a year or so before then.

Or I could also just be mentally ill, don’t know.

I’ve had like 8 major moves, which I consider major because they were completely different states I moved to. Or on the other side of the state I was currently living in. In total im in the 11-16th range because of what you specified. Maybe even more if I thought out it more. I don’t even know what I would consider my hometown. So, I just consider NYC my hometown since I lived there the most time in my life.

Charleston, SC -> Atlanta, GA -> Union, SC -> Spartanburg, SC -> Fort Gordon, GA -> Fort Meade, MD -> Columbia, MD

I counted 16 times.

I have just moved for 4 times once i have been to North cypurs ,Mali beaches ,Italy and france

I’ve moved about 4 times in my life so far.

I just counted, 2 continents, 3 countries, and 9 moves in total.

Moved three times in Brooklyn when I lived with my parents and brothers.

Moved to South Ozone Park in Queens for a little while.

Moved out on my own and lived in two different apartments in the same building. This was in Brooklyn. Moved from a smaller apartment to a larger apartment when it became available. The landlord was a slum lord so I wasn’t having any fun.

Living in Queens now, Ozone Park. The landlord is my brother’s wife’s brother so no problems really, he’s mad cool.

None of these addresses are really that far from each other considering.

So yeah I’ve moved about 7 times total.

1 time in 30 years. Houses, not apartments. I always wondered: Do apartment-dwellers move more often than people in actual homes?

Moved from back home to Europe for a little bit, than to Canada. I’ve moved about 9 times altogether.

Shit can be be definitely hard, that’s for sure.

12 moves in total. (Feels like we’re talking about chess)

Your refrigerator in 5 moves, yo.

From my first house to a relative’s place for a few months while my new house was being built. Then from there to the new house. Then back to the relative’s place now that I go to school in the city. Kind of ironic.

Moving is a pain but its nice to have a fresh start in a new place. I don’t mind it all that much.

Gosh, let’s count it up…

Born in Houston, TX. Lived there up until the end of middle school (14 1/2 years). Once I graduated, family moved 30 minutes up the highway to…

Cypress, TX. Lived there through high school and a year of college (5 years). College wasn’t working out so I joined the military (Army).

Went to Ft. Leonard Wood, MO for Basic Training (2 1/2 months).

Went to Ft. Huachuca, AZ for job training (4 months).

Got stationed on Ft. Hood, TX (haved lived on/off here for 1 year, 3 months now).

Went to Iraq (roughly a year).

I’ve got another tour of Iraq coming up in the fall, after that I’ll be moving out to Austin. So by the end of 2011 I’ll have moved 8 times.

Moved from My Childhood home of 22 years in the east side, to My Friends house iin santa clara, then moved the six months after that to another friends apartment on the day of my birthday no less, then that same year on New Years Day to an actual apartment, then in February of this year moved to this nice apartment near downtown san jose.

I only moved once and it was across the street…