How many times to parry SA2 with each character?

iirc, it’s 7-7-1 with Ken, but with Oro the first part has to be parried 8 times. is there a list of how many parries each character has to do?

shotos + sean move backwards whenever they high parry. So thats why they have to parry it 7 times. There are characters that move forward or dont move at all when they high parry. This would require 8-8-1

grazie. i thought it might’ve been a console-only thing. i might come up with a list later then.

i tested and it’s as was mentioned. Ryu, Ken, Sean and Akuma have to parry 7+7+1 times; everyone else parries 8+8+1 times.

When I did it, it seemed to depend on where you are. If you are in the corner, you have to parry 8-8-1. If you’re not in the corner, it’s 7-7-1.

SO yun and yang have to parry 8,8,1. last time i checked ( although on dreamcast version) [fuck that version] they get pushed back as well and there was a little mix on how many times they had to parry but like i said wack ass dream cast version I’ll test the ps2/arcade version:rock:

yup. A/R/K/S parry 7+7+1 when not cornered, and 8+8+1 when cornered. everyone else parried 8+8+1 always.