How many times will Capcom remake Street Fighter V?


How many times will Capcom will remake Street Fighter V? They have a smart scheme going now. Similar to what Activision-Blizzard is doing with expansions of warcraft or EA with the yearly madden clones,Need for speed clones, and CoD clones. Rerelease essentially the same game with slightly more content with a gimmick or two 5 times to get 5 times the money.
Pure genius!

What do they do this time? Street Fighter V, Super Street Fighter V, Super Street Fighter V :AE ,Ultra Street Fighter V, Ultra Street fighter V Upper?



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That said, for the record, I actually like Capcom’s model for content updates compared to the traditional DLC model.

  1. It makes sure just about everyone has the same content.
  2. Versions are stable - balance changes usually come with content updates (and scrubs are discouraged from whingeing and are forced to adapt).
  3. New players can jump on quickly since there’s usually a disc release, i.e. no need to look for an old disc and buy DLC on top of that.


What’s with the “now”?

Capcom was rehashing their shit every year up until about '06 or so.


This isn’t comparable to CoD simply because the yearly CoD installment costs $70, not $15.

One of the major reasons fans buy Madden every year is just the roster update, if EA sold the roster update every year for five years after a game came out, there’d be no problem (and basically nobody would buy Madden every year).


I hope 0, like in no sfv at all :coffee: