How much are you spending on SFV DLC?


DO include any Season Passes you bought. DO include any gift card or voucher that has monetary value.

Do NOT include the initial cost of the game. Do NOT include anything you will unlock ingame.

Nothing speculative - Only include stuff you have already bought, or stuff that is confirmed and you will buy as soon as it comes out.

Assume that 1€=$1 and that £1=$1.30, and any other currency conversion factor required.


just the first season pass when it was on sale over a year ago on Green Man Gaming i believe.


Let me calculate.
4$- Mika battle.
4$ Mika Holiday
4$ Mika Cheerleader
4$ Mika school
4$ Laura battle
4$ Laura summer
4$ Laura Holiday
6$ Chun CPT
4$ Chun School
4$ Chun Work
4$ Chun Summer
4$ Chun bikini 2
4$ Chun Sleep
4$ Chun undercover cop
4$ Ibuki summer outfit
4$ Kolin Battle
4$ Kolin Nostalgia
4$ Kolin sport
4$ Ed battle outfit
4$ Nash school outfit
6$ Menat (character)
4$ Menat battle oufit.

That is about it, i think. Lets calculate, that is 96$ in total.


season pass 1 for 10 bucks, cpt necalli which cost 4-5?!, halloween ryu for 4 bucks.
not so much as others, but i still regret it… :coffee:


Season Pass 1 for 13€ IIRC. Then Interpol Chun Li for 4€.

Will probably buy her Alpha outfit and it’s likely that I’ll end buying her Battle outfit as well (I’m playing hard to get with that one cause I didn’t want to fall for the tits so early; on the plus side it got discounted in the meanwhile).


Season 1 pass on discount, season 2 pass on full price, Juri and Ibuki nostalgia full price, CPT pass season 1 discount.
I think I’m under 40$?


deffo want that blanka costume =)


Technically I’ve probably spent close to 50, but that was all money made from selling CSGO and PUBG crates.
The money I’ve spent out of pocket is in the 5-10 range. There’s so many PC mods, there is almost no point to spend anything extra.


I’ve only bought the General Story soundtrack and nothing else.


I got both seasons 1 and 3 passes for cheap thanks to GMG. For season 2 characters I just used all the fight money I had accumulated. I still need Zeku but whatever.

I rarely even play this game but here and there people come over to play and I just want a complete roster. I don’t really care about anything else.

However, if Xrd had DLC costumes and such I’d prob have every one even for characters I never play (everyone but Sin and Raven).



Necalli’s alt costume

Skies of Honor stage

That’s $30 if I’m not mistaken.


A few too many Chun, Laura and Cummy costumes, but no characters since I’m against spending money on gameplay-related stuff in a multiplayer game.


I don’t even play the game but I buy the season pass for every new season.

…because what if I want to play the game at some point? I’ll want the new chars then, right?

Nah who am I kidding.


Capcom likes you.


bought most stuff with FM tbh. only spend some euros back then for Nash outfit and Blanka’s new outfit