How much bandwidth does sf4 take?


I currently rent out a room where my landlord daughter downloads anime all day and it cause me to lag really bad so I was thinking of using my phone tethering to play but I got a 5 gig limit so does anyone know?


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online games use very little bandwidth. 100mb/hour sounds like a safe estimate, but you can always download an app to monitor your bandwidth usage.

though you shouldn’t bother anyway, your ping will be so high that you’ll play 4 or 5 games and give up


You won’t get anywhere near 100 an hour with any Xbox 360 game. If you play a bandwidth intensive game for an hour on 360, it’s closer to 40Mb/hour.

Once you include videos and DLC that number is gonna sky rocket though. And while using your phone’s internet may eliminate traffic prioritization problems, it introduces worse problems.


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The bandwidth requirements of a game like SF4 are pretty low, but the LATENCY requirements are extremely high. Unfortunately, a big arsed torrent will suck up all the bandwidth AND cause bad latency unless you’re prepared to do some sophisticated router work to prioritize traffic from your 360. There are routers that advertise themselves as “gaming routers” and claim to do this sort of thing automatically, but I have no idea how well they work.

I wouldn’t suggest trying it through a tethered phone - those sorts of things almost always have dubious latency.

Your best bet is like people here suggest - find a way to place nice with scheduling.


Chiming in to agree with Airk, the bandwidth is low but your ping is going to be pretty bad. Cell networks don’t need to be redundant or have a super steady ping - so it will have a lot of network spikes or just constant molasses.


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It’s called “Quality of Service.” You simply go to the router’s IP address, load the router’s management page, and there should be a tab for Quality of Service. The actual configuration of QoS depends on the router’s make and model, though.

He’ll have to make sure he sets Bittorrent to 0 priority. :smiley:


Most routers QoS settings are controlled through IPs or mac addresses. Some allow you to control ports. I haven’t seen one that can run settings based on applications… especially ones like Bittorent that don’t use specific ports and will run on whatever port is open. So if she’s using torrents you’re done. The most you can do is add her computers’ IP/mac and give her the lowest priority, then give yourself the most. This is assuming you have admin rights to the router.

ps. playing over the phone network will be incredibly laggy; not viable.


Bt home hubs in the UK have program based port forwarding so its possible.

My advice, have a chat with your landlord. Explain nicely that you pay your rent and expect fair usage of the internet. Explain that his daughters constant torrenting is not only illegal but making the internet unusable for other tenants. If he doesnt agree to set agreed upon downloading times then move out.

Frankly the daughter can do without her copious amount of anime porn for a few hours a day…


Or you could come out of pocket and have a DSL/cable line installed solely for you. I would talk to your landlord first.


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Do you call routers “hubs” in UK? In US hubs are layer 1 devices.


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As other posters have pointed out, the best way to deal with this is setting up QOS on the router. If you can’t get admin access to it, you’re not going to achieve much. If you’re lucky, they won’t have changed the default admin login details though, so you can just try that if they won’t give you admin access.

Once you’ve got admin access to the router, you’ll want to give your device(s) a static local IP (it’s address on the LAN, not to be confused with the router’s IP address on the Internet). Each device you connect to the router will have a unique MAC address which you (and the router) can use to tell them apart; and you want to associate that mac address with a specific local IP so that the rules you create don’t get applied to the wrong device.
If you can identify the device your neighbour is using to torrent with, you will also want to give that a static local IP so you can apply rules against that.

Once you have done this, you’ll want to go into the QoS settings on the router and associate the SF4 ports on your device’s IP with high priority; and the port(s) used by your neighbour to torrent with a low priority.

If you don’t know what port she is using, you could put all ports on her device to a low priority. If you don’t know what device she’s using, you can put all ports on all the other devices (excepting yours) to low priority.

Clearly, however, this is excessive - better just to get her to use a specific torrent port - make sure you’ve set that port to be port-forwarded so she gets better connectivity (and thus can spend less time leeching, ideally) - and set that to a lower priority.

Just setting your device’s key ports to high priority should (hopefully, depending on the router) help a fair bit.


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