How much better is a stick compared to a pad?


And before anyone asks, yes i know this question has likely been asked TO DEATH. But i want to ask in regards to SC6 and Tekken 7 As i tried playing SC6 with a stick, but even though it worked it felt like i was playing with more of a rough idea of what buttons to press and trying to get juggles off felt clunky forcing me to apply more of a hit and run style of play, and i do want to genuinely get better at games like the aforementioned 2, in that regard would a stick be a better way to go? I’m asking cause i wasn’t involved in the arcade scene so I’ve never used one extensively.


Why are you wanting to play on stick? The part you mentioned about not being able to do juggles comes from not being comfortable with playing on stick yet. If you put in the time to practice on stick it should work itself out. Neither stick or pad are superior to the other. I play fighting games on stick because it’s more comfortable to me.


Oh shit, i mean to say pad but i guess the same answer applies?


I’d imagine so.


I would stick to pad. only reason I would learn to play stick is if you go overseas to play against people bcuz of the arcade presence there.

you can always go hitbox as well.


SC6 doesn’t have as many awkward button combinations(G+B, G+K) as previous games, so I would just stick with pad since that’s what you are used to. The older games had some moves that were a bit awkward on pad.

As for Tekken, I would say unless you want to go for a Korean lever, then learning to play on a stick probably isn’t worth the cost or the hassle.


There are professional Tekken players that play on jlf even though those don’t have an amazing return to center. The lever will not fix execution.


Cause you don’t use thumbs only to do manips and move your character, which can help you to have faster and better reflexes (physically speaking because in truth there are many people who are more comfortable on a controller or keyboard / hitbox than on stick).

@nottobay13 Justly you say yourself that jlf don’t have a good return to center, which remains a big problem in tekken given the importance of dashs and sidestep / sidewalk in this game…After yes nevertheless, it is also a matter of comfort


I currently play on a pad but my stick should be arriving tomorrow. Im also new to street fighter. Ill get back to you on the differences. The reason I ordered the stick is for the arcade feeling and as someone mentioned above, Its alot less stress on the thumbs.