How much data does ssf4ae on pc take while online?


Does anyone know how much data ssf4ae takes up on pc take while online?

I ask this because I have limited bandwidth per month from my cell provider and I heard you have to be connected to the internet to have game saves or something.


Open up task manager and go to the network tab and watch your bandwidth usage while in a multiplayer game.

I wouldn’t say much. I think WoW uses like 30KBps down and maybe 20up.

Should be somewhere around that area.

If you are just saving down config files you will be fine. A few KB here and there.


I don’t have the game. I wanted to know if others know the bandwidth it takes up.

Do you have to be online to just simply play the game?


I would say no, I did have problems with the steam version of AE refusing to boot up if I didnt have access to internet, but console versions that isnt a problem


Do you know how much data the pc version takes up each time you play?