How much did Daigo Win? the other winners?

Aside from a golden stick, maybe some bonuses from Madcatz(Daigo gets a percentage of all sticks sold at evo :looney:) .

How much did Daigo win? also the womens, tekken, melty,mcv2 win too?

Are they taxable?

Check, cash? Full or staggered payouts?

stop worryin about that fight moneeeeeeeeeeeey

I heard that Daigo won $20K, meaning they actually added(more than doubled the prize pool, probably from the excess money left over from the $50 reg fee). There were only 1700 or so entrants, meaning $17K prize pool and first place should get about 50% because top 8 pay so 8-9K is what I expected. I haven’t gotten confirmation for sure though, but when I heard this it put a smile on my face because the admins are clearly not profiting from this. They give back everything to the community even when people wouldn’t know any better. I don’t know why they didn’t make it public though.

Somehow I doubt that money from registration went to the pot.

There were probably sponsors involved, I know Namco added to the Tekken 6 pot so that they top 8 would all get paid.

If you don’t think Evo is running at a profit you’re mad. Whether this profit is kept by the owners of the brand or invested in making it bigger and better the next year (more likely) isn’t so obvious, but no way is this just breaking even each year.

Pretty sure they have said multiple times that the money is plowed back into the tournament to make it bigger and better in the next year. And if the tournament organizers are taking a little, which I doubt, they earn it for putting on such an enormous and sleepless event.

sure, daigo won ssf4, but dont forget the countless money matches he won during that weekend too, he took everybody’s fight money! … at 100$ minimum no doubt

Do the Evo owners / organizers have day jobs during the rest of the year? I presume yes.

They may be taking small salaries or even no salaries, but they aren’t stupid. They realize that they could potentially sell the Evo brand (the web site, tournaments, etc.) for a large sum to a corporation at some point in the future. That’s the potential exit strategy.

Could potentially be worth several million dollars.

Speaking from the perspective of someone with an MBA…

cannons are super rich, they are from one of the illuminati families.

I dare say all the sweet sweet evo clunge means more to him than the dollar


I heard Morton’s Salt sponsored EVO to have their brand on during the stream, EVO has sold out- it used to be about the players!

Care to articulate your objection?

He really doesn’t need to…anyone with half a brain can see that what you said was absolutely retarded. He simply gave you the benefit of the doubt and hoped you were joking.

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Again, no justification. I’m happy to debate but feel free to stay in your comfort zone.

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Are you thick son? Asking this from the perspective of someone who thinks you are…

Again, no actual argument provided. If you think I’m thick then explain it to me. What’s your position exactly?

How bout you explain how you think EVO is worth millions? This was obviously the biggest EVO yet at over 2000 entrants or whatever and 30-50k stream viewers but I find it hard to believe the scene will continue to keep growing at the current rate. Even with sponsors I’m sure it is quite expensive to run the event and wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t take in much net profit.