How much difference does it make? (arcade sticks)

Hello guys, Im sorta kinda new to the site as I have been checking out for quite some time but recently decided to get an account. Please excuse if this question has been asked before but I need answers right away…

How much difference does it make as far as improving your gameplay when you play on a fightstick/arcade joystick control?? I play MVC3 on XBOX 360 and I feel like the control is really holding me back to show my true potential for this game. I have made it all the way to 4th lord with the control but I often drop combos and is hard for me to pull off the more complicated ones, especially with my Dante.

For those of you who play with an arcade stick, how is it???

Sorry again if this has been asked before but Im thinking of buying the fight stick on my next PC and opinions from advanced players would help. BTW the 1 Im going for is Real Arcade Pro VX by Hori… but If you guys know some other ones out there that work just as good or better let me know.

Well the thing is at least how I see it, Back in the day Arcades in America were big in the 1980s everyone went to the arcades to play your classic fighting games like Street Fighter. Because of this many of the older fighting game community members practically grew up on arcades therefore were more used to playing arcade style.

Thus the fight stick was born, essentially a portable arcade controller. High execution and awkward positioning of the hand on a regular pad controller was difficult or impossible to do high execution combos, because of this many people play the arcade stick as well.

In relation to Marvel vs Capcom 3 it’s really relative and once again not needed, yes I think in the high tier tournament scene you’ll see allot more sticks because that’s what people are more comfortable with and work better with not to mention many competitive fighters do not stick to a single fighting game and sticks may be heavily recommended for other games being so used to the stick players brought it over to MvC3

But Mvc3 is relatively easy to learn game because of it’s mechanics and play style often high execution combos are not usually not present in many characters though it does exist in characters like Dante, Spider-Man, Magneto (Somewhat) and others who are execution heavy. Wesker for example is a very good character who doesn’t need high execution to be deadly, so is Sentinel, Wolverine, Phoenix and Dormmamu. So it depends on who you play and what your more comfortable with if you play Dante a hell lot perhaps get a fight stick. Since many of the cast don’t require a fight stick to execute high damage combos, it’s not really necessary but I digress.

IMO: I do not like the 360 Pad for MvC3, which is why I play a PS3 pad, being that I play some lesser execution characters like my main team Wesker, Dormmamu, Sentinel I don’t need it and am already more comfortable with the pad being that unlike many competitive fighters did not grow up in the 80s when the Arcade scene boomed to where it is almost non-existent in present day America. More or less I play easy execution characters in my other competitive game Soul Calibur (Siegfried and Lizardman).

To directly answer your question of “How much of a difference does it make” bluntly
-MvC3 is generally easy to learn and not execution heavy
-Depends on who you play as
-Depends on what controller-type are more comfortable with.

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Really, it’s a matter of preference. A stick is a little harder to pick up but if you stick with it (lawl) you might find it preferable over a pad. Pads are easier to pick up, but you may have difficulty doing certain things, like flawlessly switching between the button that holds Zero’s buster charge. Also, owning your own stick makes you that much more intimidating in person when you play someone. Even if you suck with it, appearance is everything and mindgames start before the match does. XD

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The problem you’re having is that the 360 pad is nothing short of complete ass. I would suggest a PS2 > 360 pad converter or investment in an arcade stick. I believe Madcatz also produces 360 pads that for fighting games are vastly superior to the standard issue 360 pad.

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As for 360 pads, the overwhelming majority of players here view stock Xbox 360 pads as total garbage for fighting games.

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