How much do pros make?


Just curious, how much do the top pro’s make per year playing FG in majors? By the top, I mean specifically the Justin Wongs, Daigo’s and Mike Ross’ of the world.

I am asking specifically for total earnings (tourny winnings, sponsorships, money matches, royalties on things such as films, etc.)

Thanks for anyone that has a rough idea!

Why Fighting Games Are Bad For Gaming [Supposedly]

Lol at mike ross being a pro, hes basically a mascot that does well.

You make no money off fgs tbh, Justin is the only one really making money, Daigo has a fulltime nurse job, FGTV seems to do well holding its own. There are no royalties they get ( maybe a few bucks from shirts ) but basically you dont make much from this.

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I heard they all bum cigarettes.

You do the math.


This is so fucking true lol.

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8.95 :coffee:


some games it was totally possible to make HUGE amounts of change. I remember when toan beat fanatiq for the first time only for fanatiq to run it back and win the 2nd time. Both players won massive amounts of money over 10k. All though toan lost his later he still had won 10k+ and I’m pretty sure the 2nd time around fanatiq won more than toan did. Pretty sure that was a massive payout. SF4 champions also make insane change too. Pretty easy to do the math for 1st place @ EVO for sf4. Take the # of entrants, times it by the amount of players, then take 70% of that #. I think one year I did it, daigo won like 12k for sf4. 12k certainly isn’t enough to live off of but it is nice chunk.

The only true way to make money in FGs is to be a multi-game player. Those big ass MM’s don’t really happen anymore. RIP mvc2. By being a multi-game player you open your doors to more possibilities to make money. Trying to make money playing 1 fighting game is very very very hard and you have to open some risky doors like challenging better players to insane amounts of money.


Hahahahahahaha no way lmao. If that’s the god honest truth, and there ‘those dudes’, all broke and shit at every tournament, then that is hilarious. How do they make all the tournies though, bouncing around the globe all year? That must add up to quite a substantial amount of money? Let me guess, there all going 5 to a room also? Hahahaha


not enough to quit there day jobs, anybody thinking about taking up playing fighting games as a means to an income to equal or better a normal job is fucking deluded and must like eating out of tins, royalties! fuck me that made me chuckle.

Are we not done with the fighting game celeb yet?


How much do FPS and RTS pros make?


Lol yes, answer that as well! I am kinda sad FG’s don’t make anything. Wasn’t it like 5 years ago they were going to officially make FG’s ‘eSport’ and we were going to be on cable with MLG and all them? 5 years later videogames are still regulated to internet-streams.


I’m pretty sure the only sponsored players that make a good amount of money are players sponsored by EG, Col.CC and I think Team MCZ…and I think that’s it(But from what I hear it’s pretty good money for what it is). The other players that are ‘sponsored’ by MCZ like DMG, AG, DRS etc get a shirt, a stick, and a stick carrying bag with some occasional free stuff. Its a start though, and who doesn’t enjoy free stuff?

You forget about the pot bonuses that EVO always gets.


I remember when people played for the title of DA BESS instead of thinking about the money. Good times.


pros don’t play for doh, they play for the hype, get yo’ facts right son


Fighting game sponsorships usually means the sponsor will pay for your hotel and flight ticket. The sponsor will rarely pay you a monthly salary.

EG Marn did NOT receive a salary that’s why he kept complaining and trying to find a new sponsor. And EG is one of the biggest sponsors in the FGC, most of the other sponsors provide less than EG does.

So bottom line:

The TOP players like Justin Wong and Daigo get:
-free hotel + plane tickets
-% of t-shirt sales

The players with a big sponsor, like EG Marn used to be, get
-free hotel + plane tickets
-% of t-shirt sales

The players with a smaller sponsor get
-hotel + plane tickets partly paid for
-% of t-shirt sales

Why do you think Filipino Champ said a big fuck you live on stream to his previous sponsor BLG? Cuz FChamp had to pay for his own trip to Final Round XIV.

At last year’s SBO qualifier in California, Latif won but did not go, so Fchamp and Mike Ross went. Fchamp was now with Complexity Gaming, received all the prize money from SBO qualifier + the money the arcade gave him for plane tickets, yet FChamp was still begging for donations on twitter cuz he said Japan is expensive. Seth Killian then told FChamp to eat Ramen on his trip to save cash.

I’m not calling the sponsors shady or anything, ALL the sponsors I mentioned are legit, honest ones. But the FGC is sort of a new venture for them, with small returns, so the sponsors can only afford to invest a little money.

So in almost all the cases a sponsored player with no job makes less money than a casual player with a minimum wage job, since most of the money “pros” get are from tourney winning. If they win a major of 250 players the champ gets 1750$.


Maybe he wanted them to pay for his hotel room porn rentals.


Apparently F Champ made this amount of money in ECT despite not winning anything:

But then he’s supposed to be bloody good in money matches, as good if not better than Fanatiq. Also he is supposed to be godlike in betting on players.


I’m sure they don’t make much, I’m guessing in the $1000s area (Not including their own job)