How much do these DC titles go for?

I have a complete Import DC KoF2002 with some case cracks but nothing serious. How much does this go for?

I also have a DC USA MvC2 with some scratches on the disc no instruction but I have the case which also has some minor cracks, same for MvC and CvS. How much do these go for?

I also have a complete DC import CvS2 with that bonus disc with match footage. The CvS2 case has maybe 2 small cracks on the case and the bonus disc is in an empty case. How much does this go for?

Just asking for ball park prices, I will probably put these up for sale once I get a sense of price range on these. I’ll possibly be throwing up a DC agetec stick also and a HRAPv1B (non-mirror top) modded with sanwa buttons and button plugs for 6 button layout :wonder:

The CvS2 bonus disc is at home, will be uploading pics later this weekend = /

MvC2, scratches + cracked case = $20 or so
MvC, <$20
CvS, $5?
CvS2 $35-$60

not so sure about KoF

Agetec - $50-100, depending on who’s buying, what’s already been done to it, and what they’re planning on using it for.

do you have pics of the sticks?

I’m gonna post pics tommorow of all the products :wgrin:

mvc2 is way more than 20$, i’d say at least 40$

not with scratches, broken case, and instructions.

mine sold on ebay with a perfect case, perfect instructions for $37

I bought one in perfect condition for $31.