How much do you hate Wesker?



Do you hate Wesker? He is supposedly the #1 tier character in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but you he kinda can be on the cheap side. So, how much do **YOU **dislike/like him?

I’ll give you one of my reasons. A little while ago, I was fighting this guy online. Last characters for the each of us, Akuma (me), Wesker (him/her), no more X-Factor, no Hyper Combo Bars, he kept jumping and spamming the crap out of his OTG gun thingy, and he won. Bull-CRAP.

Anyway, share your stories SRK.


#0: Zero
#1: Wesker


Eh, I don’t hate Wesker, he’s not much of a threat to my team. It’s easy to zone him out with Morrigan/Doom/Ammy.


I see what you did there…


True. And I am getting better at fighting him because I am starting to predict peoples movements with Wesker.


I don’t know why people still hate Wesker. Plenty of shit in this version that’s cheaper than Wesker now. Meh.


idgaf about wesker. either you know how to fight him at this point or you suck at mvc3 ;p

a good zero otoh… I’ve never had the pleasure of playing the mirror, and hopefully I never will @_@


you should be ashamed to be losing to low tier characters like wesker


Honestly I don’t get why people make such a big deal out of UMvC3 Wesker when he was 10 times better in vanilla. Maybe I’m just biased since I’ve been a Wesker main since early vanilla but he used to be sooo much better and yet we only really got the Wesker hate in Ultimate. The glasses buff (which is admittedly retarded) is nothing compared to anti-air gunshot teleport to full combo and invincible Rhino Charge. And Dark Wesker? Yeah he was better in xf3 in vanilla even with the glasses off boost we have now. I’ll take vanilla Wesker over Ultimate Wesker any day.

Besides it’s actually not that hard to get around Wesker. Stay at SJ height or zone from full screen and there’s not much he can really threaten you with. As long as you keep him out of that close to midrange distance where he can either teleport or command grab, you’re fine.


Biased poll is biased

I think you switched them around lol


Because 1. Some people believe the hype and are completely incapable of developing their own opinions and 2. People will always look for something to bitch about. Honestly the only thing that makes me salty about wesker is the random cross ups on the phantom dance. Other than that, he is a perfectly fair(if top tier) character imo and I definitely agree with you, I think he was better in vanilla than he is currently. Now zero on the other hand…


Where’s the “I really don’t care about Wesker in general” option? I’m fairly used to him and just lame the fuck out of him. Hell, I find Dante a bigger problem for my teams than Wesker.


I dont use Wesker, I think he sucks, I dont think he needs nerfs, and I think hes badass.


Nope. Read my whole post. Vanilla Wesker > Ultimate Wesker. Not even a contest.


yo fuck a wesker. wesker’s low tier. i always kill low tier. whenever i run into a wesker or a hsien-ko i kill them.


took the words right out of my mouth.

zero on the other hand needs to be nerfed.


Yes zero does need to be nerfed but Zero players are mysteriously absent on the internet and in a lot of tournaments.
Kind of reminds me of Yun (more so online because everyone was too lazy to learn him)

Oh we are talking about wesker.
I don’t hate wesker, he cool.
He’s seriously not that good though.


I dont hate Wesker, I hate Zero

I fight Zeros online all the time, and most of them can do lightning loops and all those shennanigans. You shoul play Ranked more often. Once you’re at the 4th lord level, you get matched mostly with 3rd Lord and up, matches are always intense, and teams are mostly high-tier based.


i main dormammu and taskmaster. why would i give a fuck about wesker? i care more about haggar assist backing him up than i do about xf3 wesker. this poll should have a 4th option for those who doesn’t think he’s cheap and shockingly enough learned the matchup. i game with firebrand, viper, zero, dormammu and vergil the fact people still complain about wesker shows how watered down the fighting game community is.


Wesker’s not ever that good in this version. He’s a complete shell of himself compared to vanilla.