How much do you play a day?


Searched the forum but found nothing on this. Just wondering how much people play this per day, or per week if that’s easier. Do you think it’s possible to have a decent social life given the fact that this game takes so much practise and dedication, and also given the fact that we have to work/go to school/college and pursue other hobbies like sports/gym etc?


I usually play at least a half hour a day, spend most of my time in training though.

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I play once a week 6 hours straight, it takes a lot of matches for me to warm-up, I play better after several hours of play.


on weekends 3-5 hours a day,other days around 1-2hours


My plan often goes like this:

“I’ll just play for 20-30 minutes or so…”
“Just one more game.”
“Maybe one more…”
“That was a gg, gotta run it back!”

Next thing I know I’ve played 2-3 hours.


I play maybe a couple of hours a week. This is (only one of the reasons) why I’m so bad at the game…


4 times a month…


Working full time and having 2 young kids means I get a couple of hours a week at best. So I try to enjoy the time I get rather than bitch about the time I don’t.


I try to get in 1 to 2 hours a day at least. My biggest issue is just getting distracted by other games. o_O


About an hour per day after work and usually not at all on weekends.


When Vanilla dropped, it was about 2 hours a day. After about 6 months I stopped playing altogether. When Super dropped I played about the same, about an hour or two a day, stuck with it longer this time. When AE came out I was hype, and then my hype turned to tears. I stopped playing after a month of AE. When AE v.2012 dropped, I tried it out and was getting into it, giving it another chance, but then the entire year of 2012 turned to shit, in every category, personal, career, had to move, etc. I really didn’t have the chance, and free time to get into AE2012 until October of 2012. Since then, been playing for about 2-3 hours a day, when I play, which is probably 3-4 days a week.


Basically this. ^ I think I play at least 2-3 hours a day on average


I’ll admit I have two PSN accounts though, and that Psychocult is my Dictator only account, and my other far older account I play on more frequently. :wink:


depends. i have those days where i just can’t get enough, and i’ll easily play 3-4 hours a day. other days i can’t be arsed and won’t touch the game for a while. on average i think i spend 8 hrs on street fighter per week.

now this might be a weird question, but am i the only one sweating intensly when playing ranked/online in general? i go to the gym often and i’m not in a bad shape at all, but i sweat a lot while playing sf for some reason :p.


1h during the week
the whole day on weekends and holidays.

I do too, but that’s because I get all tensed up when playing someone I don’t know.


too fucking much.


Usually every few days for a couple of hours. Weekends when I have time, a couple hours in the morning and a few more at night.


depends. if im training for some particualr reason(tourney, just trying to grind, etc), i play like 2 hrs or more a day during the week and even more on the weekend.

but if something else has my attention i might get a half hour in training mode a few times a week


sometimes on the weekends…maybeo_O

edit: I dont play shitty fighter 4…anything but this


ive consistently played 8 hours per day for a few weeks but still managed to go to the gym 3 days per week lol