How much do you think an autographed Brees jersey would sell for?

Im here in turkey but got word today that drew brees is suppose to be visiting us later this month. i guess he saints are doing a thing with the military :wonder: but anyways its very likely that ill meet him so anyone have any estimates or should i just frame it and put it on my wall?

Not as much as you think. Price usually sky rocket when they die. Brees isn’t dieing anytime soon. I hope

>implying Breesus wouldn’t just resurrect the next Sunday.


so frame it then sell…i like i like

Unless you can prove that he signed it’ll actually be worth less than a regular jersey since there will be a stain on it.

I’ll pay you $300 for it, but first I want to see an actual picture of it so I know it exists.

You must be wearing the jersey, holding a live chicken in one hand, and the current date’s newspaper in the other.