How much do you think Chun-Li weighs?

Every SF game you see where it shows Chun-Li’s bio, it shows ??? for weight.

How much do you think this thunder-thighs chick weighs, being 5’8" - 5’9" and all?

My old girlfriend had a big ass, wide hips, and nand big legs, but really small upper body she was 5’6" and weighed 137 pounds.

Judging from this, Chun-li’s seems much more massive.

I wouldn’t doubt she is at least 150.

i think she is about 50 - 60 KG. i dont know how much thats in pounds.

60 kg = 132.3 pounds

It depends on which version of Chun you’re talking about. Chalk it up to sprite style changes if you want, but I think that SF3 Chun Li’s thighs got so much bigger on purpose. She’s older and stronger. With that much muscle in the lege, and her height, 150 seems about right.

Who cares? Not only does this topic suck, but so does Chun.

TiamatRoar suggests that it maybe possible that its 68kg

I’d say 160lbs… cuz that’s all muscle =D

Basically, an arbitrary number. SF characters’ heights and weights are totally crazy already (ahem T.Hawk). A 5’9" Chinese policewoman is already quite fishy.

You guys forgot to mention that her boobs alone are enough to get the scale past 100.

I really don’t care what her weight is. :hitit:

:clap: lolsandlols

The only numbers I can suggest are 48 and 68 kg. 48 was on a sticker that came with CVG back in the HF days, so it’s obviously not very likely. 68 comes from Juni’s scannings in SFA3. All other characters are given numbers that match with their height and weight. Chun-Li’s height also matches, and so it’s quite likely that the weight is also the real one.

who cares about her weight…i’d do her anyway…the bigger question is…how sloppy is hers??? is it full of RYU goos? or what? what’s going on there??

so that’s about 140 punds of mostly muscle (except for the 30 or so pounds of fat from her boobs) on a short little tiny chinese chick?


it’s 68.

ryu owes her 1.


Yeah…her chest pretty much makes up 3/4 of her weight.

Mmmmmhhh…all muscles. :tup:

Giant ass = Yin poison = Deadlious

Just give it up, her official weight is ???, close the fucking thread.

hah hah hah, if they didn’t close the white knight thread what chance do you have? :xeye: