How much does a Hori Ex2/FS3 weigh?

Just trying to figure out if i want a slim arcade or true arcade stick from arcade in a box. I tried searching for an answer but no luck.

I would think the ex2/fs3 weighs 2-3 lbs.

Also the reason i ask, is my friend had an old cheesy looking SF stick from back in the day that i just installed a gamestop 360 control pad in and for me it seems pretty heavy, maybe around 5-6 lbs. Its hard to play with in my lap, or maybe i need to get used to it.

“I would think the ex2/fs3 weighs 2-3 lbs.”

You answered your own question.

If your joystick is too heavy to play on your lap just place it on a little coffee table or something.

PS: A “Tablemate” is great to play on.

The lack of brain power in some people amaze me. Here’s a tip: Most online retailers will tell you the weight of the product you’re buying. Sometimes that includes the box, sometimes it doesn’t. Even if it did, a cardboard box is a fucking cardboard box. Next time, try using your head a little when solving a problem.

Woo Saa man!

Ok, so amazon says the ex2 is 6.5 lbs, if that is the case, this cheesy SF stick would have to weigh 12 lbs.

Amazon’s exaggerating the weight for shipping reasons (and also to take the packaging into account…). I own both an EX2 and a Madcats TE, my TE weighs in at 6.5 lbs and the EX2 weighs about 3.25 lbs…

Thanks for the info, that really helps me out. Now I am not sure between getting a slim arcade or true arcade stick from aiab because 7-8 lbs is heavier than i thought it would be when it comes down to it. The ex2 is a bit light for me, but gets the job done.

Honestly, like someone already mentioned, just get a small table to place the stick on. I have a tablemate 2 from WalMart for this very purpose. It works wonderfully and you can place the table at almost any height and any position you want, since its legs slide nicely under the sofa.