How much does JD shorten blockstun?


I’ve always been wondering by how much it shortens blockstun, so I would know what was safe/not safe when JD’d. For instance if Guile’s s.rh gives +4 on block, if JD’d what would it be reduced to? +1? -1? I don’t know, a little help?


ahhh i searched the whole k-ggroove discussion coz i know buktooth wrote somehting about it =D


All I know is, you cant punish anything with + frame advantage from a JD.


Yes you can. There’s two examples quoted above.


The thing just said Benimaru’s qcf+HK gives +5 normally, but turns to -14 when JD’d. :slight_smile:


idk then lol. that’s why I use c groove.


Did you experiment with how JDing affects meaty attacks at all? Let’s say I timed Kyo’s meaty s.MP to give me +5. What would that advantage be if JD’d?


I think it may be just that move because of the HUGE block stun it gives. Because I know you can’t punish normals with frame advanatage.


Um no read what he said about sagat low fierce. Low fierce goes from +2 to -3. -3 can be punished by most jabs, supers, and uppercuts with a reversal.

I think that if a move gives +4 or more, in general it is still going to give you an advantage except in extreme cases of moves where the move gives you a huge blockstun, which is rare among normal moves. Of course this is not an exact estimate since it is different move to move, but for the mathematically impaired it is a decent rule of thumb. Of course the easiest way to figure it out is go into training, record the move with the dummy on ALL GUARD, jd it, and repeatedly attempt different moves to determine the exact frames you get. For example i use sagat as an example usually, JD and press stand jab. IIRC that is a 2 frame move. Try that about 10 times, if you hit with stand jab even once, that means that the attacker is at least at -2. If you cant hit with it even once, then you know the attacker is at least at -1 or better. If the jab hits EASILY, then try an uppercut next. That is 3 frames, if that hits even once, attacker is at -3, etc etc etc. If you really want to know the exact # then it will take more experiments but all it is is just putting some time in instead of asking others to do it for you. If you are at a -1 only, I think only a gief SPD can punish you(are there other 1 frame moves besides this?).

I know for a fact that there are several normal moves that give an advantage if blocked that can be easily punished if jded, happens all the time.

As for meaty low strong with kyo, I don’t know the exact number but i use that move to bait wake up jd’s all the time, so i know that you do have a frame advantage even if that is jd’ed although i havent tested exactly how much. In any match where i have done low strong meaty against a wake up jd, and then pressed low jab, I have always counterhit anything that they have stuck out without invincibility frames. Leads me to believe you are at like a +1 or +2 since its not so tight that they are still in blockstun(jd uppercut or super will still hit due to invincibility).


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JD just replaces the block stun starting from the frame that it got JDed at, right? Unless the meaty normal has recovery close to or worse than the JD stun (13~15 or worse for a strong/forward), it would still be safe. Assuming you’re hitting in those last two active frames.

assuming you’re hitting in the last 2 active frames, the formula on meaty attacks is:
(1~2 + recovery) - (JD stun) = advantage

I’m po’. I don’t have the guidebook. Can’t give actual frame data. :frowning:


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edit: and your formula for the meaty attacks makes sense.


Damn I play K groove and I don’t even care about this crap. You guys think too much. I figure since nobody really knows the numbers, neither one knows when certain moves are safe on jd, so it’s just like another guessing game to add onto all the others. Say my meaty cr fp got jd’d, do I try to take advantage of my possible frame advantage and risk getting hit, do I throw and hope they don’t do anything, should I just block and get ready to tech hit?,etc…