How much does the GGPO license cost?


This came up on another forum. Someone said SNK couldn’t afford GGPO.

I’m thinking it wouldn’t be that expensive at all, especially since it hasn’t been used fully in a console fighter yet.

Be interested to hear from Ponder on this.


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fyi, SNK isnt poor anymore but its videogame division has a small budget. Plus, I believe the person/people behind ggpo want to advance the genre. The creator most likely makes some kind of deal thats suits developer.


I love how you talk about Ponder as if he isn’t part of SRK. “The creator”…lol.


I’m not too clued up on this so heres a question.

Who would SNK have to ask to use it?

I mean did Ponder give Capcom the license to it or just a license to use it, would it be Ponder or Capcom that they would have to approach?


Most likely they would have to approach Ponder. He is the inventor of it so yeah he can license it’s use to anyone he wants to I believe.


Cool, thanks for the answer, was worried that Capcom had got their paws on it just to stop other companies using it (and as a hostage used to sell Final Fight), nice to know Ponder can still give other companies the license.


Not really. did he sell the rights to ggpo to capcom or just a license. Plenty of creators sell their shit and never have to ever look at it again much less manage anything about it because they no longer own it. If capcom owns it now I imagine it being expensive would make sense, otherwise i don’t know. I doubt ponder is asking for an outrageous sum of money given the limited scope the code was made for (fighting games).

Where did this info even come from.


It’s a license. Ponder still owns the rights to GGPO.


it’s kind of like licensing a Unreal engine, right? A lot of companies licensed the Unreal engine but they are not the only ones that can use it. Unless they bought the rights.


I’d love to see if Ponder can respond to this: (possibility he cannot, which would be a good sign)


dunno if this is real considering what today is though


yea i think its for real guys hi fives all around


SNK ain’t playing no games, this calls for a drink.


This would be too cruel of an April Fool’s joke.


Why would SNK need the GGPO license, their netcode is already flawless


Sounds too good to be true.


if true… fuck ssf4, i’m KOFXIII forever now. SNK WE DA BEST


someone sent that to me on ggpo today.

Ponder pops up from time to time and gives updates. dunno if I would bank on that today since its april 1st.


um… considering that today also featured a front page april fools joke of CvS3… i would have to call bs. also it wouldn’t make any sense for him to license ggpo to capcom and then sell it to snk. i work at a law firm with both an intellectual property attorney as well as a attorney with 11 years in specifically licensing. so yeah if he has allready drafted a license deal with capcom it would be easiest to just go with a similar deal to snk if he wanted snk to use his netcode in the first place.