How much does your arcade stick lag? Arcade stick input lag testing & results thread

sorry i don’t use a ps4, i was just wondering. so it’s only charging if connected via usb, correct?

and given these firmware updates on the ps4, the best thing to do if modding is probably to buy a hori fighting commander 4. it’s 29.99 at gamestop right now

If you don’t need multi-platform support and know how to solder, yes. :slight_smile:

With the PS4: None, the Dual Shock 4 does not used the USB cable for connectivity with the PlayStation 4, only with the PlayStation 3 and PC.
The PS4 and the Dual; Shock 4 only uses the USB cord for syncing the controller and charging.

The Dual Shock 4 will use the USB connection for the PS3 and PC.

I thought of all people you would appreciate my post, @Darksakul.

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You are speaking of this?

Not all tournaments follow the same rules, and Evo has not made a final decision on legacy support on SF V (even then most tournaments do not have to follow Evo’s examples).
They went as far as pulling the article that states that Legacy support is banned without so much as posting a correction or update.
But enough about SRK politics, lets focus on the meat of the issue.

There is no blanket Legacy driver ban in the larger FGC, just individual tournaments with their own views of what is best for themselves at the time.
With Street Fighter 5 gets further patches this may or may not change.

For the list of what controllers are compatible check ed1371’s Thread on the topic

At the time of writing I don’t see issues with SF 5 and legacy support per say, but it takes some effort to register a PS3 stick on SF 5. The SF v version of the driver not as streamlined as Skull Girls on the PS4.
As legacy support is just an additional driver and not a conversion process, legacy support should not incur any additional latency.

The sure bet is to use native controllers any ways for hassle free, reliable game play.

Na I already figured that all out. I’m just remarking on how good those songs are. Serious baby making music.

You get additional interference when placed inside a metal arcade stick chassis.

I really have to ask this…
But does it REALLY make that much of a difference, so long as it’s somewhere under 16ms (1 frame in a 60fps game)?

I suppose if you factor in a TV and such.
I ask because I have a TES+ and I felt no difference switching between PS3 and PS4 mode on a PS3, despite there being a 6ms difference.

I’m just curious why this matters so much. I do find it interesting, but I still don’t know how useful this is.

Its an OCD thing.

You are not going to feel 6ms, throw those worries away. If it were 2 frames you would probably notice a difference. You can even adjust to that, but going back and forth can be disconcerting.

Think of this thread as informational and not something to get too worked up about. If you noticed something weird swapping between two sticks, maybe this can help explain why. Or if you have a setup upstairs with a TV that lags 2 frames, and a stick that lags 2 frames, this can help explain why it felt like playing in molasses compared to the speedy downstairs setup (maybe you can swap those sticks and they’d feel close to the same). Or if you are doing a 60fps camera lag test for a particular game, this info could be quite helpful, especially if more than one person is testing and you are getting different results.

Hi All
We already released all PS4 Converters to fix timeout issue on 3.50 system and improved the inputting speed.

Please test and share between old and recent version.

This sounds about right… Because I have a few sticks: Mad Catz TES+, Qanba Q4RAF 2011, Qabna Q1, and Hori RAP 3… And I can’t notice any difference on any of them. Sometimes the RAP 3 feels off though, but that’s rated F+. I also haven’t used that stick in years.

So anyway, I really do appreciate this thread. I just can’t say how useful I think it is. You’ve outlined exactly where it would be though.

I have another question though:
I thought the Brook adapters were supposed to be amazing… But they have pretty shoddy results. These lag times MUST be noticable though, right?

It’s under a frame. Most people would not notice it, unless that extra 14 or so ms pushed their accumulated delay time such that more inputs fall on a later frame. I would still use one.

Those boards do what others can’t at this time, and the input delay is not enough to worry about, given the features you are getting. Plus these sorts of boards are firmware upgradable, and we’ve seen input delay improved via updates before.

I wonder if it would be possible to create an external antenna. I’ve no idea where the antenna is on the ds4, i know the chip is under the metal square, perhaps that metal square is the antenna?

Tahnks for the info. :slight_smile:

You’re not going to feel 6ms. A frame’s probably noticeable if you pay attention. You play GGXrd, use the training mode’s lag simulator to get a feel for how extra lag feels. PC Training mode + 3f lag = console Xrd. That difference is certainly incredible, coming from console to PC. Everything just feels unnaturally sharp and smooth.

I can agree with this.

About the PC thing? If you want to play competitively get used to how the game plays on consoles.
I disagree that PC version is the superior lag free version of the game. Then again the Display’s input lag, the lag of your TV or Monitor needs to be factored in.

Even if the PC version of a game has the least input lag among the versions, though probably requiring you to use G-Sync/FreeSync or simply to keep V-Sync off in order to achieve it, it’s the console versions that ultimately count in tournament situations. :expressionless:

True, most tournaments will not deal with PCs as they make logistics much more difficult and is simply not feasible for most tournaments.