How much does your arcade stick lag? Arcade stick input lag testing & results thread


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I know this isn’t scientific but when I have the madcatz joystick (TE-S) and my paewang next to eachother and I hit the LP with two characters next to each other the paewang gets the counter hit pretty much every time. I even switched hands for the button. Its a lot faster. Also - its super easy to switch between consoles. It doesn’t auto detect between 360 and ps3 but who cares? My recommendation - if you use xbox 360 primarily then use the paewang. If you use PS3 and never xbox then don’t bother with it and do the ps360+. If you use both, go with the paewang. When I compare the paewang to the xbox 360 controller there is no difference (if anything paewang is faster). When I compare it to the ps3 controller it seems the ps3 controller is a little quicker. If I never turned on the ps3 controller I would have never noticed anything. I also remember doing these tests with the ps360+. PS360+ vs xbox controller the xbox controller was substantially faster. I didn’t really believe the numbers in this test until I tried that. I noticed that the ps360+ felt a little ‘off’ but I couldn’t put my finger on it until I compared it to my madcatz fightpad and 360 controller. Now, when I compared the ps360+ to a ps3 controller, they were the same. It works great on ps3.

I think modders should start carrying the paewang instead of the ps360+. Granted, if akishop releases a new ps360+ that fixes some of these issues (especially the double input issue on xbox 360) then I’m sure everyone will carry that. The ps360+ really is so easy to install. No soldering is nice to have, but soldering to the paewang seemed easy enough (I was watching).

Also, for anyone looking to use the paewang: The diagram on the website is backwards for the start / select/ home / turbo buttons. The ground is on the left, not the right. (I think - @Kakitajamie‌ was saying it was backwards last night). He’s an electrical engineer and I guess since the diagram is ambiguous he decided to check with a multimeter.

Just my two cents - for whatever its worth (not much).


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This must be why Infilitration was so strong after he got his prototype Omni from Laugh.


The Darksakul disagrees are hilarious. omg someone is buying a faster board for their stick. The inhumanity, right?


You know what’s more hilarious? People making claims that a difference of a few milliseconds is like walking vs flying.


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Can you test this for latency please.


6.9 milliboners


I’m looking for new sticks, I am not familiar with Qanba or eTokki

I found Qanba Q4RAF Amazon how do i know it will have original PCB? I was I’m not sure if there are different version?
I’m also not too sure about the eTokki Omni/Paewang which version to get?




Omni Sanwa or Korean Edition that comes with Crown and Myoungshin Fanta parts like it says on their site, choose which you like best.


OK omni sanwa is currently out of stock. is there other places to buy?

thanks how about qanba? is this the version with low input lag?

Good job on test you have done on sticks.

The site points to yes


thanks I just wanted to make sure I’m getting the low input lag version


Would be interesting to see a list for controllers also. I think ill buy the original q4raf since my ice blue version sucks on PS3 “according to teyah”


Feel free to give the q4raf to me if it’s so bad. :slight_smile:


yeah me too if you don’t like it that much i’ll take it.

Also, anyone who doesn’t want their PS360+ anymore because it’s so laggy, please send it my way. I’ll find a good home for it.


15 is more than a few. Take your ps360+ (on xbox 360) as 1p and use a pad as 2p. If you can’t tell the difference you’re either stupid or lying. Having my new board actually be able to consistently hit two buttons at the same time is pretty nice too. Just because you don’t like me doesn’t mean you need to be an asshole.