How much does your arcade stick lag? Arcade stick input lag testing & results thread

Thanks once more, I appreciate the support and the FC4 too of course!

I also wanted to offer my thoughts on this a bit. At home we can all choose our own equipment, but when we get together and play this isnt always the case. For example I care about minimising input delay, so I play at home on HDCRT and a low lag stick. I am glad that I have the CRT option for online play though, as that can reduce overall delay by about one “bar” (orange bar feels like LCD yellow, yellow bar feels like LCD green bar, etc). But when I meet up for games, we’re on LCD so I make sure to turn up the input lag option in training mode so I’m used to the timing.

Now some (most?) people downplaying the effect of lag probably don’t play in tournaments or at a competitive level, so I can kind of understand that this all seems very silly to them. But to serious players it does matter. Daigo has even said in interviews that he has a CRT setup that he uses for online play, but he practises offline on a LCD (~22 ms delay over a CRT from my measurements).

Tldr; if you care about input lag, this info I’m compiling should prove useful. If you don’t, then you can ignore it and be just as happy on your current setup. Just understand that there are people out there who take these games seriously that do find this information helpful.

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As tough as it is to read Darksakul’s posts (grammatically, even), he’s not a spammer, he’s just outspoken.

So is the best choice at this point the Madcatz TE2 or Hori v4? You guys think there will be cheaper/faster fightsticks coming for SFV?

Yep those are the 2 most popular PS4 sticks at the moment.

A few people in my scene (myself included) have shown interest in this stick, so there is a very good chance this will be tested in the next few months.

Not the same stick base. Not the same PCB.

Please keep details of Teyah’s irrelevant lag information in his irrelevant thread here:

For more detailed information on the differences between the RAP V4 Hayabusa and the RAP 4 Kai, go here:

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I suppose my information is irrelevant to people who don’t play fighting games competitively, but there isn’t much I can do about that.

They are different PCBs, here is a picture of each:



Guess my informative post that had a bit of opinion involved got someone a bit butthurt and firing assumption shots. Not sure who told you I don’t play competitively, but that person would be incorrect.

Nonetheless, glad you could repeat information I already said to bump the topic.

Thank you both for your responses! @Teyah I’m definitely in the competative scene so this information was helpful and since I brought a Kai I’ll be swapping it for a V4 asap :smiley:

While I agree with one party here that say Teyah’s results are not accurate because you cant calculate the lag in ms since you have to rely on frames rather than actual milliseconds for the data but I also agree to teyah POV that his methodology is correct and this is the best you can do while calculating the lag. Since we are talking about opinions here like Mr. Darksakul gave his opinions vs teyah’s opinions, I would like to add mine.

I think Teyah’s results might not be on the dot (exactly in milliseconds) but the input delay results between different sticks he has shown cannot be denied or rejected (if it can be then please feel free to bring your own testing to falsify him) which has got many ppl butthurt here because their stick is inferior to others. Even before this thread existed, I always thought if there is a possibility that my stick might be laggy as i was using a fake Chinese 360+ps3 stick which felt a little laggy? then this thread came into existance.

and yes if you are into competitive fighting games and you choose characters with 1frame links (i am a rufus player in SF4 and takuma player in kof xiii) then these results will definitely help you.

No problem - if you still have time to make the exchange, that’s a good idea. For now I would avoid anything with a touchpad from Hori, as it would use the same slow PCB as the HRAP4 Kai.

Not sure why you took that personally, tbh. Input lag is relevant to all competitive players, if you happen to be one that’s great, it (and my thread) is relevant to you too, whether you choose to ignore the info presented or not.

Uh, you can calculate it to the ms. You just need a lot of presses.

I’m enjoying the way this conversation is developing into ‘if you don’t care about lag you casul’. From irrelevant to classy in such a short space of time, well done everyone.

I’ll wait here.

I going to bury the hatchet,

What supposed to be my own reasons for objections are getting as twisted by people as other people started to twist Teyah’s data.
Yes I scrutinize and pick-apart Teyah’s data, but I at least try to do it from a scientific standpoint. When personal bias comes in is when we need to stop and reevaluate our selves.
And with in the scientific community there still room for differential opinions, it’s how science reevauates themselves.
I still be in the house what considers input lag from controllers at best minimal to what effects players.

I do want to end the notion if you “don’t care about lag you are dirty casual” thing, in the end that isn’t serving anyone and only divides the community.
As I look at the grand scheme of things, I did care about lag, I just have a slightly different outlook that whats common in here in this thread

In the end Teyah’s results are part of a larger set of tools of knowledge someone can armed themselves with.
Also as someone else told me the other day (its not tech talk related but it the saying fits)
if someone hating you and your work, you are possibility on the right track.

I don’t want to take sides in a flame war but this is getting out of hand.

That all said, for stick input delay statistics please see @Teyah 's thread

For other info on those sticks go to Definitive Retail Playstation 4 Arcade Sticks List with Info/Facts/Photos/Advantages/Disadvantages

Now tot he OP’s question: the Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai & the Real Arcade Pro V4 ‘Hayabusa’ are vary different sticks, and they have different PCBs.
Which one is better, I am not saying at this time (Don’t PM me later and ask).


According to

Real Arcade Pro V4 ‘Hayabusa’ has (+4.80 ms)
Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai (+14.80 ms)

I thought these were the same sticks apart from different layouts. I have done some research and the majority of people say it’s exactly the same on the inside (PCB) but these results beg to differ. Can anyone shed some light on this subject , owner, testers?

that was tough to read

While I agree that the information is not useless, it should be noted that having a lower lag level isn’t necessarily going to help with 1f links- consistency is what’s important there. So if you switch between a 3ms and a 25ms pcb, it’s going to throw you off based on which you practiced on- either one is perfectly capable of hitting 1f links consistently if that lag amount is stable. Where it may make a difference is the speed at which your attacks come out- someone consistently 1f behind may lose counterhits/throw techs, late cross up blocks,etc.

Frank you are right that we can adapt to the lag and that it’s miniscule compared to reaction time and all the other combined lag. We can adapt to the lag from the LCD and to the lag from the sticks, easily.
The difference is that while the players use the same or similar display in a competitive setting, they will often use different sticks.

It wouldn’t be fair if one of the players had to play on a laggier separate display, but that’s effectively what happens when the other player has a faster stick.
It’s fine when the difference is negligible, but that’s not always the case. The difference in input lag between the laggiest and fastest PS3 PCB is more than double the difference in display lag between a CRT and LCD.